The State of Arcadia

We’ve cleansed the land of the foul bandits that had plagued these roads. With the aid of our courageous friend Oleg, a man who has given much in service towards this great nation, we were able to hold out against their desperate assault. We tracked down the bandits to their hideout along the Tuskwater, boldly attacked their full force and slew the foul coven of leaders who’d deigned to set themselves up as bandit kings. It may have been Knallhart who cut the head off of the Stag Lord and dumped his body in the river; but without the courage and tenacity shown by men like Oleg and the steadfast bravery of women like his wife Svetlana, this and so many other acts would never have been possible.

The bandit pretender wore a strange helm that was it’s signature. Recently, we discovered that this is actually a holy relic of Erastil. In honor of our connection with the land, and the gratitude we have for the servants of Old Deadeye, we return this to its rightful owner. (Just as we have the ancient statue… did Ralga do that at some point?)

Our fey allies help protect our borders, informing us of important events. That was, in fact, how we were informed about the Dark Fey assault before it could do even more damage. It is imperative that we continue to work with them, and aid them in protecting and maintaining their way of life. We must strive to be closer to the land, as they are, and as such the replanting and revitalization aspects of our harvesting of natural resources remains a crucial element in maintaining this beautiful land.

We have faced difficulties and suffered tragedies, but have not been found wanting.

When we heard about problems in the farmlands to the West, Knallhart rode forth. Arriving in the newly populated region, we were confronted with a lycanthrope menace the likes of which we’d never heard. Again, it was the help of the guardians and citizenry which enabled us to find the beasts’ lair. They had committed terrible deeds, but in the end our fallen citizen’s spirits were put to rest when we reaped a bloody, fiery vengeance upon the werewolves. Their pelts adorn the floors of Knallhart Manor. The citizens, rather than give up and give in to despair at the misfortune, instead refocused their efforts and are now a vibrant and prosperous community.

Again, trouble in the outlands beckoned to us. A mysterious wave of subversion had taken hold over some of the lumberjacks along the edge of the forest. With the aid of loyal forestry workers, we quarantined the infected men and tracked down the source of this ideological plague. The filthy priestesses of Ghonnerea were behind it, spreading their foul message with every non-government sanctioned encounter. They were in the midst of capturing and sacrificing a hardworking farming family when Knallhart caught up with them.

I do not enjoy the prospect of slaying women. While they are equal to men in most things, and certainly superior in others, they hold a special place in my heart as mothers and sisters, the penultimate propagators of our species, no matter what species that happens to be. However, when confronted by clear acts of evil, aggression, and most damningly, mind control… there is only one course of action. Those who’d been tempted from the path of pragmatism soon changed their tune, as we carried the fell fruit of our encounter back through the places the witches had traveled, spreading their dissent.

When little Timmy when missing, we heard. Knowing the boy had traveled into a particularly danger part of the Knarlmarches, we mounted up and headed west. Comforting the boys distraught parents, we learned of his last location and the brilliant stalker Aspen trailed the boy, where we rescued him unharmed. In the process, we freed a tribe of Lizardmen from the harsh dictates of their ruler. Far to the south, these lizardfolk will be ignorant of our ways at first, but they know and understand the laws of Arcadia, and present a potential partner in trade or other endeavors in the future.

That is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen come to live in Arcadia; the willingness for disparate races to work side-by-side. I’ve seen an elven tailor sit across the table from a gnomish merchant and human smith, served by a halfling waitress working for a dwarven innkeep. I’ve worked alongside elves, humans, dwarves, gnomes, halflings and fetchlings, and some combinations thereof. I’ve been privileged to fight alongside a monstrous outsider who’s just as dedicated to this great nation as I am.

That’s why, upon returning to the chaos in the wake of the crazed legendary ranger who attacked the city with her owlbears, I was unconcerned when I strode down main street and heard the sound of a naysayer calling out that Knallhart had abandoned the nation. I knew that the good citizens, that you, would be unswayed by such subversive conjecture. As you all know, we tracked down the culprit and made her pay the ultimate price for the suffering and damage she caused our citizens. The theater lay in ruins, but again the hardworking folk of Callisto dug down and dug in, rebuilding it even more magnificent than before.

Our mettle has been tested, again and again. The wicked Fey incursion during the carnival was the latest, and during it a new group of heroes emerged, dedicated to turning back the darkness. The thanks of our nation once again go to you, my newly appointed Primarchs.

And so, a mere year after our formation, we stand at the brink of limitless opportunity. Working together, we will reach the pinnacle I have planned, and we will be the envy of every nation for our freedom and prosperity.

However, jealous eyes even now begin to look towards us. It is imperative that, while we remain open and free, so too must we maintain constant vigilance against that which would threaten our way of life. The Puella Magi and the Order of Ilya are dedicated to the protection of both you and your livelihood, but they cannot do it alone. Always remain on guard, and alert officials about suspicious behavior.

You, citizens, are the vanguard of our new realm. Our population will begin to swell as the reality you’ve helped to create becomes known throughout the land. Welcome these new citizens, embrace them and make them feel welcome in our new society. Help them understand our way of life and integrate into the community, but remain ever watchful.

The State of Arcadia

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