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Star Elves

3. Is Mourn Duskwalker still alive? NO
5. Are the conditions found within the Night Realm harmful to creatures who otherwise live on the primary material plane of Golarion? NO
7. Is Mourn’s corpse in the Night Realm? YES
8. Are star elves alive in the Night realm? NO
9. Is Mourn Undead? YES
36. Is Mourn a lich? NO
37. Is the Night realm connected in some way to the Shadow Plane? NO

24. Do the giants who aid his army live in the mountains north of Pitax? YES
52. Has anyone dispatched assassins to kill any Leader of Arcadia? (ASK 3 TIMES EVERY WEEK) NO
53. Are there more than 20 griffons in the forest North of Pitax? NO
54. Could the Stone Giants be convinced to join Arcadia? YES
55. Could the Centaurs? YES
94. Is Korgax the Conqueror, red-dragon rider who constructed Brevoy, currently undead? NO
95. Are there currently any assassins that have been sent to kill any of Arcadia’s leaders? NO

12. Is the Issian king preparing to attack Restov? NO
13. attack us? NO
21. Would the Lebeda family be willing to open up trade with us? NOT NOW
22. Is the Issian King behind the idea of taking over Restov? YES
76. Do Issians have ties to underwater entities living below the Lake of mists and veils? SOME DO
77. Does the Issian king have ties to them? NO
97. Does the Issian king still consider Arcadia a threat? YES
98. Has he postponed making a move against Restov? (exact wording asking about the takeover or whatever, can’t precisely recall what the Mayor was worried about). YES

11. Is Baron to the west of us working with the leader of Pitax? YES
23. Does the king of Pitax have more than ten wyverns? YES
50. Does the tribe of hill giants in the mountains to the west have more than 20 mastadons? YES
51. Are there more than 20 adult giants in the tribe? YES
91. Aside from the one guy who’s still rotting away in the prision are there any agents of Pitax’s king in Callisto (S/13/12)? YES

28. Are there Adamantine deposits in the Stolen Lands? NO
29. Mithril? YES
30. Is there mithril in the mountains to the east (tors of levine)? YES
31. Are there stone giants in those mountains? YES
32. Are there any dragons in the Stolen Lands? (real, not drakes, if that is a possible differentiation). YES
33. Is there a way to sever the connection between the island south of Tuskwater and the plane it is connected to? YES
34. Is the forest above Pitax connected to the first world? YES
35. Are the Knarlmarches? NO MORE THAN REST OF STOLEN LANDS
92. Are there any ancient dragons within 500 miles of Callisto? NO
93. Are there any dragons in the Hooktongue Slough? YES

1. Is the creator of the homunculus acquired during the carnival still alive or undead? NO
2. Do the Khundakar ruins contain the means to destroy Aegon’s armor? YES
99. Are there currently any Undead in or underneath Callisto, not including Uder the ettin’s severed, reanimated head? NO

74. Were the Issians involved at all with the opening of the Worldwound? NO
75. Is there a way for mortals to correct the planar shift that resulted in the Worldwound? UNSURE

ORACULUM <complete>
4. Is the “Voice” described by the Oraculum the leader of the Oraculum? NO
6. Is Nyrissa involved with the Oraculum? NO
10. Are there any portals, aside from the one just west of the forest, in the stolen lands? YES
14. Is the Oraculum working for a god? NO
15. Is it working for a demonlord (whatever asmodeous and whatnot would be considered). NOT DIRECTLY
16. Is their leader in Restov? YES
17. Is their leader humanoid? NO
18. Is the oraculum’s leader an outsider? YES
19. A fey? NO
20. A female? NO
25. Was the succubus we defeated “the Voice?” YES
26. Is the Oraculum led by someone working for a demonlord? NOT DIRECTLY
27. If so, is the demon lord that the leader of the oraculum work’s for Asmodeous? (that’s the only one I know) NO
38. Is this building (the one the Mayor told us about) the Oraculum headquarters? YES
39. Is the leader of the Oraculum usually found inside their headquarters? YES
40. In the basement?YES
41. Is the headquarters trapped? YES
42. Is the Oraculum allied with the demon lord Abraxas? YES
45. Are there more than two demons usually in the Ocaculum Headquarters? Four? Eight, until we get near to an answer.
46. Are all the traps in the Oraculum base Magical? NO
47. Is there an item in Krakankar (dwarf place) that would be useful in killing the leader of the Oraculum? YES
48. Would Nethys be interested in what we know of Abraxas’ plan? (he usually doesn’t get involved, but…) UNSURE
49. Are there drow working for the Oraculum in Restov? NO
56. Is the demon leading the Oraculum a Glabrezu? NO
57. Is it a xacarba demon? NO
62) Does the Oraculum desire to control Restov? NO
63) Does the Oraculum desire to kill any Restovian leaders? IT WANTS TO KILL EVERYONE
64) Is there a way to change the way the Night Realm portals operate? UNSURE.
65) Is there anyone in Restov who would join in the effort, or provide some support, for attempting to eradicate the demons of the Oraculum? YES
66) Would evidence that demons are running a school in Restov be enough to motivate a Restovian leader or officer to join in the effort, or otherwise provide some support? YES
67) Does the leader of the Church of Abadar in Restov know there is a school there being run by demons? NO
68) Would the church of Abadar be interested in sending a paladin or taking some other form of action against the Oraculum? YES, IF CONVINCED OF ITS EVIL.
73. Is the Oraculum really working towards closing the worldwound? NO
96. Is the vrock that fought alongside the Greater Demon of Abraxas still on this, the prime material plane? YES

Commune Answers

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