Until Thy Kingdom Come

Kingsholm Cleansed

Session Date: August 3, 2013
Starting Game Date: Desunus 18, 4711 AR

Knallhart returns to Oleg’s and sends word to Restov of the Staglords defeat. In addition, they send gold with Kaydon Bale to purchase supplies. While waiting for a response, the PCs go to Nettle’s Crossing and throw the Staglord’s corpse into the Shrike River. Davik Nettles emerges and asks the PCs to throw a weapon into the Shrike River so as to receive his blessing. Ralga throws in an ordinary spear but Davik sends it back. Astoroth then tosses his masterwork light crossbow into the river and it is returned dripping with water and infused with magic. Davik Nettles slips into the water, decomposing instantly.

Knallhart travels to Kingsholm and heads into the crypts below the town. They travel past the room formerly occupied by the crypt keeper and find a room filled with water, giant leeches and leach swarms. Several islands dot the water covered magical wards. The monk bounds across the islands to the ledge on the other side of the cavern. He ties a rope that spans across the water. The party crawls across but Salus and Szygy fall in. The party kills the giant leeches with spells and weapons while water elements summoned by Astoroth and Aspen spin the swarms into oblivion. The party finds and removes a gem which controls the magic in the room before moving on.

The next room contains an old corpse and two blood-stained statutes. Szygy falls into a hidden pit trap. Panels open on the statutes and the walls and several mechanical creatures emerge. They attack but are quickly felled. The party collects the mangled remains of the machines, as well as some loot found on the corpses in the room.

The sound of rushing water in the next room is revealed to be a large waterfall that spills over a ledge before tumbling into a vorago. A creature steps from the water, with silver skin, white hair and eyes the light blue of a stream. His voice is melodious and reminiscent of a bubbling brook. He is wary of the PCs but Saalus calms him, speaking in Sylvan. He takes a particular liking to Ralga, saying his name is Sigur. Ralga favors him with a kiss and talks with him long into the night.

Sigur explains the crypt is ruled by Aegon, the former leader of the Four Pillars. The Four Pillars were an adventuring group that supported King Theron 500 years ago in his attempt to settle the Stolen Lands. According to Sigur, the passage to Aegon is guarded by a horrific spider. Sigur offers to reward the PCs if they kill this creature, but he warns them they should not waste time if they travel past the waterfall because Aegon will sense them.

Later, as they talk that night, Sigur confides in Ralga that Aegon was tempted by a powerful fey sorceress known as Nyrissa who led Aegon to betray his former master as well as his friends. Sigur is terrified to speak of Nyrissa for too long. After telling Ralga she and her friends should leave the Stolen Lands lest she draw Nyrissa’s wrath, Sigur steps into the falls.

The next day, Knallhart travels past the waterfall into a room covered with webs. A spider swarm and two humanoid figures, wrapped in webs and writhing with small spiders, attack the party. As the humanoid forms are destroyed, they erupt into spiders. A huge spiders lumbers up to a balcony edge and begins tossing webs down on the party. Ilya and Szygy rush up to the balcony while the rest of the PCs fight the foes down below. Victorious, the PCs search the area and find some treasure including a magical headband. Sigur rewards them with an enchanted mithril chain shirt before stepping into the falls.

Past the spider room, Knallhart comes upon a halfling female in chainmail. She tells them to turn back before they are killed. Tony senses the smell of the grave on the hafling and the party attacks. The fight spills into a larger room behind a pair of curtains, where two skeletal warriors fused to skeletal horses charge forward. Aegon, a grave knight wearing smoky, black armor and wielding a flaming great sword, rides into combat, mounted on an ephemeral horse.

The halfling is held to the ground by Ilya and torn apart by Szygy while Ralga, Aspen and Tony attack the skeletal warriors. Aegon fires gouts of flames at the party, but no one is seriously hurt. Wielding Mortimer, Hyandaner delivers a devastating blow to the grave knight and Aegon is destroyed.

The party loots the bodies and, finding a secret passage, heads down stairs into room with several sarcophagi. As Knallhart approaches, the ghost of King Theron appears. He tells the party they have freed his soul from bondage to the past and bequeaths upon the sword Merthuvial, also called Kingmaker.


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