Tree Wardens

To be the protectors of the citizens and free beings that inhabit the Kingdom of Acadia.

There’s a 100 third level rangers out there patrolling the boarders of Acadia so much the better. The conscripted units are trained in gorilla style combat, using the terrain to their advantage for ambushes and such, proficient scouts and self-reliant fighters. Maybe 40 dedicated long range scouts, 2 man units that can patrol for weeks at a time, proficient in survival, stealth, nature and geography. They’d do week on, week off rotations.
The other 60 would be ten six man units who patrol and train in gorilla style tactics. Probably have them do 2 week on rotations with 1 week off. Each unit would be self reliant and capable of self sustainment in natural environments. They’d also work as emergency care givers for the general populous in times of need.

Aspen’s core followers in The Tree Wardens currently consist of:
30 First level deputies: 20 rangers, 5 druids, 3 clerics of Erastil and 2 scribes of some sort.
3 Corporals First Class: 2nd level, good in Perception, Ride, Geography and Animal handling.
Pixmal, a Halfling druid follower of the green path
Nerge, Half Elf ranger
Yilith, Elf ranger
Sargent, Buck Groxmall 3rd lvl dwarf cleric, follower of Erastil
Lieutenant Shatiqua Barkstrong 4th lvl Female Elf Druid Menhir Savant
Captain Tad
Marshal Aspen In the Fall

The three corporals are flying scouts mounted on hippogriffs, the higher ups are trained in riding as well. Two scouts will fly random boarder patrols daily alternating so each hippogriff will rest on it’s third day.

The 30 deputies work in 6 man units interacting with the populous in the various farming communities and forested areas of Acadia.

The units do good will tours five days a month where they stay at a farm or settlement and work for their meals. They will help farmers and settlers with daily chores, hunt when possible, assist in building projects, survey the land and whatever other projects come up. There would have to be strict rules so as not to show favor or have the Wardens taken advantage of. The main goal is to form trust with the people and keep strange death cults form popping up in our citizenry.

They’ll also maintain remote secrete groves in the unoccupied boarder zones of Acadia, plus a hanging trees in every hex.

The Tree Wardens main goal is to protect the citizens of Acadia be they Human, demi human, Fey or sentient animal.

Tree Wardens

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