The Oraculum Scholastica

The Oraculum Scholastica is a secretive group located in Restov. They recruit sages from local schools and are particularly focused on sages with some knowledge of planar portals. Their recruiting tactics include promises of secret knowledge and access to forbidden power. This is a clearly effective tool for recruiting students frustrated with the slow pace of their traditional studies.

Though little is known of the Oraculum structure, it is lead by someone known as the Speaker. The Speaker is served by the Voice. Little is known of the Speaker or the Voice besides for their designations.

It is said chosen of the Oraculum gain direct access to the Speaker and the Voice. Many who ascend to this level are never seen again, which would make it seem there is some sort of final test to achieve the highest level of the Oraculum.

The Oraculum has curried favor amongst council members in Restov and with various merchant houses. Though many suspect them of nefarious doings, no one has brought direct evidence of this to the attention of the city’s rulers. Thus, they are allowed to continue their work in peace.

The Oraculum Scholastica

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