The Kingdom of Arcadia

Arcadia is a fledgling realm, established by Knallhart through generous funding provided by the Swordlords. It is ostensibly an independent kingdom, though it remains to be seen how it will fair against its older, more powerful neighbors.

This page tracks the current progress of Arcadia from month to month.

Crafting log and dates of major festivals and important events.

These are the settlements of Arcadia. This page will list each settlements resources along with the magic items currently available.

Laws and Philosophy
Any kingdom that must whither the eroding influence of time must be established on rules and principles bigger than even its founding members. These are the ideals that guide the development of Aracadia.

PC Organizations Saalus’s Spies
Those dedicated to the shadowy art of subterfuge and information gathering, a network of independent Cells functioning in secret.

Social Structure
A general description of the social hierarchy of Arcadia, outlining the six tiers of authority: Autarch, Primarch Council, Knights of the Realm, Defenders of the Realm, Officials of the Realm and Citizens.

The Law of the Land
The Nine Fundemental Principles behind our code of law, outlining the freedoms a citizen must give up in order to reap the benefits of personal property, the right to keep what one’s earned, and the safety and security provided by the nation to which you have chosen to belong.

The State of Arcadia
A moving speech given by the Autarch and addressed to the revelers attending the first annual celebration marking the Founding of Arcadia.

The Kingdom of Arcadia

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