The Black Tower

4 Basalt towers rise from the cardinal directions of the jail. A pit of nine concentric circles descend into the earth under the Rookery a wrought iron and stained glass dome. The cage has the peculiar affect of different washes of colors bleeding down into the cells below depending on the position of the sun as the world goes about it’s orbit. A trained individual would be able to tell the hour and season by the patterns and colors. At the deepest point lies The Well of the Forgotten the oubliette that contains the most heinous of recidivists.

Yet even there there is the chance for redemption. To forget what they once were and be reborn into society. Above the pit suspended from four great chains from each of the towers is a dais (with zone of truth if possible because that would be bad ass) where the interrogations and placement inquisitions take place. Each level up from the Well of the Forgotten is incrementally less severe in the ministrations by the Monk’s of the Black Tower.

Ilya currently oversees 15 neophyte (lvl1) monks. Their primary job is to oversee the prisoners, punishments, and rehabilitation of those that have fallen under the Tower’s ministrations. Each neophyte is trained in one to two professions. The idea being that each prisoner as part of their sentence would be trained in a profession (see profession skill list) suitable to their abilities if they do not have something waiting for them after their prescribed time in the Tower. The generally high perception and sense motive skills of the Neophytes used to determine in what profession the prisoners may best thrive. (neophytes’ class skills: perception, sense motive, profession 1, profession 2)

Ilya would in down time spend time training the neophyte’s checking their work (via sense motive, perception, gaseous sneakings, special ministrations of the Rite of the Broken Bone etc.) and bringing his personal attention to either the most promising or recalcitrant of the Tower’s guests.

The Black Tower

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