Social Structure

xxxxxxxx Social Structure xxxxxxxx

Top tier is the Autarch. The Absolute Ruler of the Realm.

High Command.

The second tier is composed of the High Command; the individual Primarchs, each governing over an important sector of the Realm. There are four divisions within the government, each designated as a Ministry. These are: Interior, Exterior, Defense and Magic.

Ministry of the Interior governs the vast majority of what is required to keep life flowing smoothly within the borders. The Councilor oversees morale, implementation of populist ideas, and generally keeping the citizenry happy. The High Priest oversees matters of faith, planning festivals, settling disputes and trying to channel the works of the individual religions into something relevant and beneficial to society. The Treasurer deals with taxation, regulation and oversees things like weights and measures and usury fees.

Ministry of the Exterior is focused outward, on potential threats and allies in the outside world. The Grand Diplomat is in charge of setting and implementing policy to further Arcadia’s ends, and charting a course through the treacherous waters of the unstable and sinister nations surrounding us.

Ministry of Defense is dedicated to the preservation of the Realm through violence if necessary. The Warden oversees the policing and enforcement of laws in the city, ensuring the protection of citizens from mundane and mystical threats. The Marshall is in charge of border patrols and defense, scouting and pursuit of criminals in the countryside, as well as enforcement of the Natural Appreciation Edict that governs how raw materials are harvested. The Royal Enforcer oversees the prisons, and is responsible for the detainment, punishment and/or execution of the condemned. Each of the three commands a small, elite force of professionals, and are given significant leeway within the confines of the law to pursue their duties with frightening efficiency.

The fourth member of the Ministry of Defense is the General. In charge of the overall distribution of military forces not controlled by other Primarchs, the General is responsible for training up significant proportions of the population as militia, establishing and perpetuating a military tradition amongst our soldiers, and leading our main army in times of war, coordinating tactics with other armies’ commanders.

The Ministry of Magic is the final sub-division; it is also the smallest and most specialized. The main responsibility of the Magus is to create and atmosphere conducive to the magical sciences and their study, channeling their research into avenues that could benefit the Realm when possible. When necessary, the Magus is also responsible for providing magical support for any of the other Primarchs, in either military or civilian capacity.

The Spymaster lies outside of the Ministries. The Spymaster will work closely with all the ministries, and various members within those ministries will report directly to him as well. The Spymaster has the difficult task of finding out everything we don’t know, from domestic disturbances such as evil cults working to convert wayward citizenry, to the designs and big-picture philosophies guiding the nations around us.


Below the Primarchs of High Command, there are only a few distinctions. The higher up the chain, the greater the privileges, although these are fairly minor and even symbolic, often used just to denote respect, mainly for service to the Realm.

At the base lies the Citizen, the foundation upon with our great nation is built. This is anyone who’s sworn the Arcadian Oath. The title “Citizen” is used to denote respect.

The next step up is that of Official (of the Realm). These are people who work directly for the Realm, and are respected for their service. Tax collectors, reading teachers, arbitrators and others with duties focused on ensuring the smooth running of the Realm. This could instead be Officer, Representative, or something else of-the-Realm.

Above that is another group working directly for the realm in a more violent capacity. A Defender (of the Realm) is anyone who works for the Ministry of Defense: military, police force, border patrol, or detainment.

A rank of distinction even higher, awarded only by High Command, is the title of Knight. This is the highest honor, a recognition of personal merit and heroic behavior. Knights tend to be commanders and elite champions of the military classes, but there can be Knight-Mages, Knight-Bards and even Knight-Scribes.

Social Structure

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