The following are quests that have been accepted and active or which have been completed. In addition to the listed reward, all quests come with an accompanying xp award depending on where the quest originated.

Active Quests

The Forge of Fury

Source: Thurigin
Task: Go to Khundukar, the fabled ancestral home of Thurigin and determine whether his family remains or if the place has been overrun. If the place is infested with monsters, clear the halls of foes so the dwarves can return and allow Thurigin to relight the Forge of Fury.
Reward: Thurigin has promised to forge a great weapon for the PCs if they can reclaim the Forge of Fury. (1600 xp)

Forest Drake Hunt

Source: Wanted Poster
Task: Rumors of a drgon in the southern Narlmarches are likely caused by a large forest drake. It is usually seen with a few lesser drakes. It has killed travelers and should be put down.
Reward" Restov will reward 1200 gp to the first group to slay the forest drake. (1600 xp)

Source: Wanted Poster
Task: Bokken has found the sap of a shambling mound works wonders at cultivating certain medical herbs and asks for one shambling mound’s worth of sap.
Reward: Bokken will pay 600 gp for the sap along with three potions of cure moderate wounds.

Northern Howls

Source: Wanted Poster
Task: A ferocious dire wolf known as Howl-of-the-North-Wind stalks the Kamelands. It is a threat to the growing kingdom. Slay it or convince it to leave the Kamelands forever.
Reward: Restov will award any group that completes this task with 1200 gp. (1600 xp)

That Damn Turtle!

Source: Aven the fisherman
Task: Aven has a secret fishing hole in the east bank of the Tuskwater, but the ill-tempered turtle known as Crackjaw has claimed the spot.
Reward: Aven will give a ring of feather falling he found in a pike’s gullet to anyone who kills or removes the turtle.

I Swear I’m Sober

Source: Stas, a local lumberjack
Task: Stas claims to have seen an elusive hodag in the southern part of the Kamelands and to have stuck it with his magic battle axe. His friends think he lost the axe and made up the story to cover his clumsiness.
Reward: Stas cares more about his reputation than his ancestral axe. Kill the hodag and you can keep the axe.

Completed Quests

Wanted: Bandits

Source: Wanted Poster at Oleg’s Trading Post
Task: Capture or kill at least six bandits to send a message that banditry will not be tolerated.
Reward: 400 gp

Moon Radish Soup

Source: Svetlana Leveton
Task: Svetlana would like to make Oleg’s favorite soup. Unfortunately this requires moon radishes, a relatively rare find. A patch is said to grow 16 miles southwest of Oleg’s Trading Post.
Reward: Svetlana will pay 25 gp to anyone who can find enough moon radishes to make her soup.

Svetlana’s Ring

Source: Oleg Leveton
Task: One of the first things the bandits stole from the Levetons was Svetlana’s ring. Though Svetlana seems willing to part with it, Oleg would greatly appreciate its return.
Reward: Oleg promises 100 gp post credit for the ring’s safe return.
Update: Oleg also rewarded the PCs with a magical chain shirt he wore in his adventuring days. According to Oleg, it allowed him to slip out of more than one sticky situation. Research shows it to be a +1 slick chain shirt.

Kobolds in the Hill

Source: Wanted poster at Oleg’s Trading Post
Task: Ensure the kobolds stop being a threat.
Reward: Swordlords send 800 gp


Source: Wanted poster at Oleg’s.
Task: Tuskgutter is a ferocious boar who has terrorized the central Greenbelt for decades. Most notably it injured Vekkel Benzen, leaving him with a permanent limp.
Reward: Vekkel will reward those who kill the boar with his bow and several magical arrows.

Falgrim Sneeg

Source: Kesten Garess
Task: Find a mercenary named Falgrim Sneeg who betrayed Kesten to save his own hide and then joined the bandits plaguing the Stolen Lands.
Reward: If Falgrim is delivered alive, Kesten will furnish the PCs with four masterwork weapons. If Falgrim is killed, Kesten can only promise two weapons.

Stop the Stag Lord

Source: The Swordlords of Restov
Task: Stop the Stag Lord’s predation of the Stolen Lands. The Swordlords would prefer a public execution but have not qualified their reward based on whether he is taken alive.
Reward: The Swordlords have promised 5000 gp if the Stag Lord is captured or killed. They have also committed to helping the PCs develop their kingdom once the bandits are eliminated.

Gathering Fangberries

Source: Bokken
Task: Bokken wants fangberries to flavor his potions. A large thicket grows about 55 miles southwest of Oleg’s.
Reward: Bokken promises to give the PCs a 25% discount on potions for a month.

Destroy the Betrayer

Source: The corpse of an ancient hero
Task: Ralga questioned one of the undead creatures in the crypts under Kingsholm and it said its spirit would be freed if the party destroyed the Betrayer.
Reward: Luck of Heroes. Four times, Knallhart may call on the name of one of the Four Pillars to receive a +5 luck bonus to a d20

The Bridge Keeper

Source: The undead spirit of the old bridge keeper, Davik Nettles
Task: The Stag Lord killed Davik Nettles and now the old bridge keeper wants revenge. Bring him proof of the Staglord’s demise.
Reward: An enchanted weapon: Davik’s Favor

Gathering Fangberries

Source: Bokken
Task: Bokken wants fangberries to flavor his potions. A large thicket grows about 55 miles southwest of Oleg’s.
Reward: Bokken promises to give the PCs a 25% discount on potions for a month.

Wanted: Tatzlwyrm

Source: Wanted poster at Oleg’s Trading Post
Task: Oleg would like to decorate his trading post with the head of one of the fabled Tatzlwyrm’s.
Reward: Oleg will pay 600 gp for an undamaged tatzlwyrm head.

All in the Family

Source: Bokken
Task: Rid the Stolen Lands of Bokken’s evil brother by any means necessary. Bokken’s brother is accompanied by a puma and is said to reside to the south of Bokken’s hut.
Reward: Bokken has already given the PCs 1000 gp in wolfsbane for their promise to deal with his brother. It remains to be seen whether Bokken would further reward those who accomplish this task. (1600 xp)

Troll Blood

Source: Bokken the Alchemist
Task: With the influx of visitors, Bokken has become flush with cash. Unfortunately he cannot meet the current demand for healing potions. Bokken believes he can use troll blood in the creation of healing potions. He needs a waterskin filled with troll blood to test his thoery.
Reward: Bokken promises a reward of 1,200 gp in potions to anyone who brings him the waterskin (1600 xp)

Where’s Tig

Source: Tig Tannersen’s distraught parents
Task: You Tig has always been a handful. He frequently finds himself in danger collecting pets from the wilds along the riverbanks of the southern Geennbelt. Now it seems he’s really in trouble because he’s been missing for some time.
Reward: Finding Tig will increase Arcadia’s loyalty by 2 as this rescue will improve morale. (1600 xp)

A Lady’s Desire

Source: Lillith Taskerton, a local flirt and illustrious madame
Task Lillith has always loved the workmanship of the elves and would love to decorate her establishment with a piece of art that is undeniably elven.
Reward: Lillith will reward anyone who can provide a piece of fine elven art will receive her father’s cloak of protection +1, a kiss and perhaps more. (1600 xp)


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