Puella Magi

Puella Magi,
The Autarch’s Inquisitorial Police and Peacekeeping Defense Force
5th: Captain Commander Jezzara Duskryn
4th: Interrogator: Questioner Allura
3rd: Cleric chaplain (Nethys)
2nd: 20 Soldier Inquisitors
1st: 30 Apprentice Inquisitors

Headquarters: Puella Mansion, across from Knallhart Manor. Like a luxury dormitory, with a variety of amenities from a combat ring and extensive gymnasium to the kitchen and household caretakers.

The Puella Magi function as the main police force of Arcadia, serving as peacekeepers in the streets and protectors of the citizenry. Created by Primarch Sayaka von Seckondorff, the unit is composed exclusively of young women fleeing troubled pasts. Our open borders/boarders policy has encouraged lots of people seeking a new start. Many pursue other careers, but a select few dedicate their early lives to Nethys in exchange for empowerment. They come to see Arcadia as a symbol of magic’s power and influence in the material realm, guarding it fervently with an almost sacred sense of duty.

The group is directly under Primarch Sayaka’s direction, but for the most part it is Captain Jezzara Duskryn who organizes the day to day activities, which include patrolling the city both overtly and in disguise, sensing evil in hot spots and randomly checking out citizenry from afar.

Their main focus is to guard against dangers to the citizens, Primarchs and Autarch and Queen. Magical dangers are at the top of the list, which includes necromancy and demons and powerful mages. Dragons, lycanthropes, and other strange and powerful opponents come next, with monstrous humanoids and regular demihumanity near the bottom of the list. Despite this, they most likely spend a good portion of their time resolving petty infractions.

Arcadia does not have a judicial system; it has The Black Tower, and the peacekeeping Puella Magi. Most citizenry of Arcadia know the rules and follow out of self-interest and rationality. Those who cannot proceed along an escalating path often beginning with separate conversations with the aggrieved party and the supposed aggressor, followed by light magical interrogation, detainment, harsher interrogation, temporary imprisonment, and finally death. This is facilitated by advanced interrogation techniques pioneered by Questioner Allura, aura reading, motive sensing, discernment of lies, and zones of truth.

Being talked to by a Puella Magi is common, and actually patriotic. Being led away to the Black Tower is cause for concern by family and friends. A huge percentage return, unscathed but scared straight by Ilya’s silent tour of the facility.

With a little help from the Autarch’s constant praising, they have become a beloved fixture of Callisto, providing the city with early warning during the attack during the Foundation Festival by the filthy Gyronna cult, and they take great pride in their Primarch’s prowess in combat and the subsequent stories surrounding her.

Although inquisitors are dedicated to a deity, they are above many of the normal rules and conventions of the church. They answer to their deity and their own sense of justice alone, and are willing to take extreme measures to meet their goals. Inquisitors tend to move from place to place, chasing down enemies and researching emerging threats.

There is a sect of inquisitors in some religions that believes it is not enough to hunt the enemies of the church—one must also devour those enemies’ sins. More benign versions of the practice believe that sin, or evil, is taken out of the world when a sin is devoured, denying the enemy’s soul to the enemy’s god and purifying the world of its taint. Consuming sins empowers the sin eater, at least for a time.

Puella Magi

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