Prayers of Arcadia

The Prayers of Arcadia are three interfaith organizations either led or comprised primarily of followers of the current Seikonur (High Priestess) of Arcadia, Ralga Turathel.

Within the body of Followers, an individual Follower is usually referred to as “Reverend Citizen”, “Reverend Warrior”, or “Reverend Seikonur”. Outside the body of Followers, the general public may know the Prayer members only generally as “Reverends”.

The Reverends are publicly credited and honored for the services they provide, as these services would often (but not always) be considered ‘above and beyond’ the normal expected duties of clerics.

During peacetime, most Reverend Warriors assist the operations of the other two Prayers.

Prayer of the Citizen
a. Credo: “The spirit of the People will solve the most complicated problems.”

b. Leader(s)
Sempa Rolat (Junior Cleric of Erastil) – rural services
Kiril Heidr (Cleric of Abadar) – urban services

c. Key activities and programs – Public Works and Public Services
* Structural repair and maintenance
*New construction & urban development (example: arboretum)
* Medical and health services
examples: Healing, diagnose disease, cure/treat disease, purify food and water
* Public education
* Food and shelter, counseling services for the unemployed or infirm
* Magical cooling services (summer) – i.e. food preservation
* Magical heating services (winter) – i.e. emergencies, the homeless
* Other assignments as requested

d. Participating congregations & special capabilities
* Erastil
* Nethys
* Calistria
* Abadar

Prayer of the Warrior
a. Credo: "Courage and victory are the mastery of self.”

b. Leader
* Taio Bannigar (Paladin of Erastil)

c. Key activities – Serve alongside the soldiers of Arcadia
* Medical and health services for warriors
* Chaplain services for warriors
* Magical protection and enhancements for warriors
* Magical healing for injured warriors
* Other assignments as requested

d. Participating congregations & capabilities
* All – Healing, Resistance boosting, Attribute boosting
* Nethys – Exploding Runes, Scroll Creation (Destruction domain, Rune domain)
* Calistria – Rewards for valor, sacrifice, and bravery
* Erastil – Auto 11s on D20 checks (Law domain)

Prayer of the Seikonur
a. Credo: “The wisdom of the Primarchs illuminates the Arcadian Way.”

b. Leader(s)
Ralga Turathel (Oracle of the Turathirim)
Furious Lodrin (Cleric of Abadar)

c. Key activities – Support the initiatives of the Seikonur and by proxy, the Primarchs
* Supply magical components for Arcadian equipment manufacture
* Lead and participate in regular interfaith dialogues
* Foster amicable relations with congregations in other nations
*Manage rotating cycles of Detect Poison on all water sources

Other assignments as requested
1. Assist with early detection/info of individuals on the Spymaster’s ‘watch list’
2. Assist with production activities planned for Blackrock Spire zone
3. Calistrian honey, candle, honeywine (mead), cyser (honey/apple wine) manufacturing and related co-op operation/sales
4. Beehive management
5. Seek out Sages, Teachers, or Masters who can benefit Arcadia
6. Identify and evaluate churches in neighboring lands, who share a faith in a deity worshipped in Arcadia
7. Maintain census info on the religions and religious of Arcadia
8. Seek out and maintain info on the religions and religious of nations who neighbor Arcadia

d. Participating congregations
* Abadar – Magical Armor, Magical Weapons, Wands, Wondrous Items
* Callistria – Early detection based on ‘watch list’, agriculture/co-op activities
* Nethys – Seek out and recruit Sages, Teachers, or Masters

Prayers of Arcadia

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