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House Rules
Contains any changes to the Pathfinder core rules, explains which accessories may be used and includes character creation rules.

Important Locations
While exploring the Stolen Lands, you will come across important landmarks. Many of those will be described here.

Power Groups
Many groups are interested in placing their mark on the Stolen Lands. This page lists major groups that are allying or competing with each other in their conquest of the unknown.

A troubled land means that many people need favors. This page will keep list quests with short descriptions and relevant details.

Commune Answers
A listing of the knowledge gleaned through Commune.

Rumors and stories abound regarding the Stolen Lands. These can be learned by anyone who spends a short time spent in the company of natives to the region and well-seasoned travelers.

External Links
Other websites that provide helpful information relative to this campaign.

Main Page

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