House Rules


Character Creation

Characters are created using the point buy method with a total of 20 points. Only core PC races are allowed. All official Paizo classes are allowed with the exception of the alchemist and gunslinger.

Experience Track

We will use the fast advancement track up to third level. Once PCs reach 3,300 xp, they will be 3rd level and their xp will increase to 5,000 xp. After that, the campaign will use the medium advancement track.

Hit Point Gain

All PCs start with maximum hit points at first level. After that, PCs may choose to roll their associated hit die for each level or take a static number based on the chart below:

d6: 4
d8: 5
d10: 6
d12: 7

Once a player rolls a die for hit points, the player must accept that amount and may not choose a static number for that level. The choice to use a static number or roll the hit die is made at each level.

Starting Gold

New PCs will start with wealth based on the average wealth of the party or Character Wealth by Level (Table 12-5), whichever is lower.


Once every character reaches 7th level, that character will receive Leadership as a bonus feat. The character should calculate his leadership score as per the feat to determine the number of followers, however the cohort will be governed by the following rule:

All characters with Leadership will have a cohort, or secondary character, who will always be two levels lower than the primary character. The secondary character will not go on adventures with the primary character but instead will adventure with other secondary characters (the B Team). All experience gained by the secondary character will be added to the primary character’s experience total. The secondary character will level up with the primary character, always staying two steps behind.


Readying a Partial Charge

Readying a partial charge is a full round action. You cannot take a 5 foot step in the same round you ready a partial charge. Once the triggering event occurs, you are only allowed to move up to your speed (instead of up to double your speed) and you cannot draw a weapon unless you possess the Quick Draw feat. In all other ways, a readied partial charge functions as a charge.


When you are helpless, any Reflex save fails as if you rolled a natural 1.

Monster Abilities

Damage Reduction

Damage reduction will apply to any damage that is typed as Bludgeoning (B), Piercing (P) or Slashing (S), even if it comes from a spell, spell-like ability or supernatural ability. Damage reduction will not apply to untyped damage from spells, spell-like abilities and supernatural abilities.

Kingdom Building House Rules

House Rules

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