Tag: Fey


  • Tyg-Titter-Tut

    Tyg met the PCs while they were exploring the woods southwest of Oleg's Trading Post. While she played several pranks on the PCs, she has since befriended them and has provided valuable information about the area. She is never found without Perlavish, …

  • Perlivash

    Perlavish is the constant companion of Tyg-Titter-Tut. The two are known for their pranks, which may turn out deadly depending on the intended victim.

  • Melianse

    Knallhart found Melianse in a dispute with several loggers who had cut down her sacred coachwood trees. They sent the loggers off and restored her trees with magical _tree feather tokens_. In return, Melianse gave the PCs several magical items and, …

  • Tiressia

    Tiressia is frequently accompanied by her satyr companion, Falchos. When Knallhart came upon her, Tiressia was hiding form a scythe tree, a vicious evil plant with the taste for the flesh of dryads. The PCs destroyed the scythe tree and, in return, …