Tag: Dead


  • Maegar Varn

    Maegar Varn is a young upstart noble from Restov who has embraced the legends and martial style associated with the Aldori swordlords. Maegar firmly believes Rostland should separate from Brevoy and become its own nation, despite the fact that is all but …

  • Kressle

    Kressle was in charge of a group of bandits located at the Thorn River camp. She was known for her violent nature and graphic threats involving her axes. She was executed by Saalus after revealing the location of the Stag Lord fort's in a desperate …

  • The Stag Lord

    The Stag Lord is a mysterious figure who supposedly controls the bandits of the Stolen Lands. His lieutenants are often found with pins bearing his symbol. His underlings know little of his history, only that he has a foul temper and that he always …

  • Tartuk

    Tartuk came to the Sootscales and introduced them to the worship of "Old Sharptooth," a deity of questionable validity. Tartuk is currently driving the kobolds into a war against the mites and seems to care little for the tribe.