Until Thy Kingdom Come

The Crypt Below

Game Date: 6/15/2013

Gozran 22

  • PCs return to Oleg with Tuskgutter’s corpse in tow.
  • Kesten Garess approaches the party with a letter from Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius.
    • The letter offers the party 5000 gp should they capture or kill the Staglord as well as the nebulous promise of future assistance.
  • The party is also approached by Vekkel Benzen, an old retired ranger who was lamed by Tuskgutter many years ago.
    • Vekkel offers his bow to the party and his services exploring the Greenbelt, though his injury reduces his value as a guide.
  • The party meets Ralga Turathel, a female elven oracle haunted by the ghosts of her ancestors.
    • Ralga offers to join the PCs on their adventures in hopes she may learn more about her dark past.
  • During that night’s drunken revelry, the party is acquainted with Thurigin, a nearly blind dwarf who tells the following story:
    • Thurigin’s great-great grandfather, Durgeddin the Black, was the chieftain of a clan of dwarves with a small holding in the northern reaches of the Five Kings Mountains.
    • After his clan was sacked by orcs , Durgeddin established a secret homeland named Khundrukar.
    • At Khundrukar, Durgeddin built the Forge of Fury, a powerful forge that made weapons of unsurpassed quality.
  • Thurigin’s search has led him to believe Khundrukar is built into the Stone Tooth.
    • The Stone Tooth is a large upthrust rising from the hills in the center of the Narlmarches.
  • Thurigin is not sure whether any of his people still reside within but would like the PCs to investigate.
    • Thurigin promises to forge the PCs a powerful weapon should they either bring back news that the dwarves at Khundrukar are safe or, if that is not the case, news that any invaders have been driven off.
  • Saalus tells a spell-binding tale of the victory over the werewolf and Tuskgutter to the rousing cheers of those gathered at Oleg’s

Gozran 23

  • The party travels to Kingsholm.
    • Upon entering the town, the PCs notice the pall that resided over the village has lifted.
  • The PCs begin digging out the rubble that was once was the church.
  • The party camps in the spot where they last spent time recovering from the plague.
    • There are no signs of disturbance in Kingsholm unlike the first night the party camped in the vicinity of the town.

Gozran 24

  • The party finishes digging out the rubble that was formerly the church.
    • Below a flagstone in the basement, they find a chest hidden by the townspeople who had perished in the basement of the church.
  • The party turns its attention to the graveyard to the south of town.
    • Aspen in the Fall finds the tracks of a small wild cat.
    • Creeping stealthily into the ancient mausoleum, Aspen Fall finds a bobcat feeding on the adventurers who had perished fleeing the crypts below.
    • Using a spell, Aspen befriends the cat, which tells him of a strange statue in the copse to the south of town.
    • The bobcat also tells of something in the middle of this clearing that has been feasting on the forest dwellers.
  • The PCs head into the copse and find a statue there of a noble-looking king.
    • Saalus is able to discern the writing at the base of the statue, which is written in ancient Taldan and reads: “Noble Lord Theron, Tamer of the Stolen Lands.”
    • A crude hole is dug into the ground next to the statute and a fraying rope ladder leads below.
    • Saalus uses a spell to repair the ladder and the party descends.
  • Syzgy is the first down and, as Astoroth’s tutelary descends, it is attacked by something in the cavern below, something with long arms, starfish-shaped palms covered in suckers and black rubbery skin.
    • Ilya follows and attacks the creature which has wrapped its arms around Syzygy.
    • Ralga descends, losing her grip and bringing Hyandaner with her.
    • Another creature emerges from the pool and attacks the PCs, though both are quickly put down.
    • The PCs find nothing in the creatures’ lair though several small tunnels reach back into the rock formation accessible only to a Small creature.
  • The party continues onwards and finds a hallway with several statues standing in front of crypt entrances. The statutes consist of the following:
    • Male human wearing plate armor wielding a longsword with long hair and fair features.
    • Female Halfling kneeling in prayer.
    • Elven female with short hair, high cheekbones and wielding a dagger and rapier.
    • Elven male wearing a robe and holding a book at his side.
  • The party explores the crypts, finding nothing in them, until they come to the crypt with the statue of the elven woman.
    • As Ilya approaches the crypt entrance, a gray skin undead creature with glowing red eyes springs out.
    • The party surrounds the attacker and brings her down before she can strike anyone with her foul touch.
  • Once vanquished, the undead creature changes into the elven woman depicted in the statue, though she begins rotting rapidly.
    • Ralga uses her connection to the spirits to ask the woman what would free her soul.
    • The woman responds: “Destroy the betrayer” before rotting away.
  • Continuing on, the party comes to a room with skeletal sage pouring over a book, mumbling maniacally.
    • Ilya attempts sneaking up on the creature, later identified as a crypt thing, but it notices him and teleports into the party’s midst.
    • Before the party can react, the creature screams “Begone!”
    • Most of the party resists the creature’s magic but Ralga is transported to the copse above and Astoroth is transported to a flimsy rope bridge suspended over a ravine.
    • A skeletal minotaur and four humanoid skeletons clatter out of a nearby crypt and join the fray.
  • Syzygy attacks the crypt thing and though Syzygy does significant damage to it, the crypt thing tears the eidolon apart with its bony claws.
  • Ilya is driven into a corner by the fear aura radiating from the crypt thing and is surrounded by skeletons.
    • Though he fights bravely, Ilya is brought down by the skeletal assault.
  • Astoroth falls off the rope bridge into the water below where he is attacked by an ooze.
    • Ralga runs down and rescues Astoroth by throwing a rope down into the water.
  • Saalus plugs several arrows into the crypt thing and brings Syzygy back into the fight with his healing magic.
    • Syzygy does more damage to the crypt thing before falling again to the crypt thing’s onslaught.
    • Saalus defends himself against the creature but is similarly put down by the undead monster.
  • Hyandaner and Aspen are left in the fight as Astoroth and Ralga make their way back to the battle.
    • Hyandaner drops the crypt thing before falling to the goring attack of the skeletal minotaur.
    • Aspen in the Fall finishes off the skeletons as Ralga joins the fight.
  • The crypt thing changes to resemble an elven mage before rotting away.
Disease and Discovery

Disease and Discovery

Gozran 1 through Gozran 4, 4711

  • Party slowly recuperates from the plague without incident.

Gozran 5, 4711

  • The party heads back to Oleg’s.
  • Convince Kesten Garess to hire an engineer to repair the ballistae.
  • Buy some wands from Kaydon Bale.
  • Travelers Dana and Eric make a snide comment about the PC’s “kingdom” before heading west.
  • They tell the party they came from Restov and were heading to Pitax.
  • After the travelers leave, the guards mention the travelers said they came from Pitax and were heading to Restov.

Gozran 6

  • PCs explore south of Oleg’s and kill a large trapdoor spider.
  • In the spider’s lair they find treasure. There is also a map with a tree on a hill, with an ‘X’ marked under the tree.

Gozran 7

  • The party finds the moon radish patch which happens to be infested by four kobolds. After killing one of the kobolds, the other three surrender.
  • Kobolds explain they belong to the Sootscale tribe.
  • Tribe is led by Chief Sootscale, although a new figure, Tartuk, has began controlling the tribe.
  • Tartuk has made the kobolds worship a deity he calls “Old Sharptooth.” This worship has included kobold sacrifices
  • No PC has heard of this deity.
  • The kobolds are none too subtle in their dislike of Tartuk.
  • The Sootscale tribe is currently at war with a band of mites.
  • The kobolds invite the PCs to visit them in their cavern.
  • While camping that night, the PCs see a light moving through the woods.
  • The party avoids it, fearing it may be a will-o-wisp.

Gozran 8

  • While explore southwest of Oleg’s, the party comes across a recent campsite.
  • Aspen in the Fall follows the tracks leading from the campsite and the PCs capture several bandits.
  • The bandits confess they were sent by the Staglord to keep an eye on Oleg’s.
  • Despite Ilya’s silent protests, the bandits are convinced they will receive mercy.
  • The bandits are hung at a new hanging tree.

Gozran 9

• While exploring the forest, the PCs are subject to a few mysterious pranks.
o The party quickly realizes they have gained the attention of some mischievous fey.
• Aspen in the fall leaves some potion on a leaf, Ilya leaves some bread crumbs and Saalus leaves a silver piece.

Gozran 10

• The party finds the bread crumbs remain though the potion droplets were drank and the silver piece is missing.
• When the PCs reach the bandit tree, the fey pull a particularly juvenile prank, causing flaming flatulence to erupt from one of the putrid bandit corpses.
• Aspen lures the fey down by offering a potion.
o The pair are revealed to be a grig, Tyg-Titter-Tug and a faerie dragon, Perlivash
• Tyg tells the PCs where they can find the lost temple to Erastil and about a trapper who indiscriminately laid his traps in an area to the north.
o The fey mention the trapper came to a bad end.
• While camping that night, the party hears the howling of wolves . . . and of other things.

Gozran 11

• The next morning, Aspen tracks the wolves down to a small hollow.
o The party finds and kills the remaining werewolf from the previous werewolf camp, along with a dire wolf and two normal wolves.
o These foes are dispatched readily.
• The horses run off and Aspen spends the rest of the day tracking them down.

Gozran 12

• The party finds the temple and kills its guardian, a large grizzly bear.
o As the bear dies, it becomes an old man who then crumbles to dust.
• The water of the temple is purified and the PCs are able to drink it and cure their wounds.

Gozran 13

• The party explores north and finds the corpse of the trapper along with his masterwork axe.

Gozran 14-15

• The party continues exploring north and begins to clear the area of the traps left by the trapper.
• Saalus is caught in a trap and then attacked by two thylacines, dog-like creatures with vicious teeth and striped fur.
o Saalus is nearly killed and Ilya stands over his unconscious friend, fending off the thylacines, nearly dying himself.
• The party finishes clearing the traps and nets a total of twelve bear traps.

Gozran 16

• The party returns to Oleg’s and gives Svetlana the moon radishes.
o Svetlana makes a stew for the whole trading post.
• The PCs meet Lars Sterich, an engineer from Restov.
o Sterich’s family is loyal to House Orlovsky though Lars confesses to have little interest in the politics of Brevoy.
• Lars begins work on a ballista and explains he will be done by the end of Gozran.
• The party puts in an order for scrolls that are to arrive on Gozran 21.
• Jhod Kavken is ecstatic to hear about the temple and begs the PCs to take him there.

Gozran 17

• While in route to the Temple of Erastil, the PCs come across mites defiling the kobold corpse that was left in the moon radish patch.
o The party slaughters the mites.

Gozran 18

• The party reaches the temple with Jhod Kavken in tow.
o Jhod seems instantly restored in the presence of the temple, appearing ten years younger and standing much straighter.
• Jhod assures the party he will do anything to aid them in their future endeavors.

Gozran 19

• The PCs find the lair of Tuskgutter, a mighty boar which had terrorized the stolen lands for some time.
• The party kills the boar and loots its lair which lies under a fallen pine.

Gozra 20-22

• The party returns to Oleg’s with Tuskgutter’s corpse.

Into the Wild

Session Date: May 19, 2013

Old Friends and New

Moonday, Pharast 27, 4711 AR

After four long days of travel, the party returns to Oleg carrying a large boar. Soldiers patrolling the gate delay the PCs until Oleg demands the men allow the party entry. The soldiers are a mercenary force led by Kesten Garess. Saalus recalls the story about the son of a minor nobeleman facing disgrace for falling in love with a low-born woman, though he keeps the story to himself. Kesten rewards the PCs for taking out the group of bandits at the Thorn River Camp. He also asks the PCs to keep an eye out for a Falgrim Sneeg, one of Kesten’s men who betrayed Kesten before becoming a bandit himself.

The PCs also meet Jhod Kavken, a cleric of Erastil who tells the PCs he had a vision of a temple in the woods tainted with corruption. He asks the PCs to restore the temple and promises his clerical services for free, should they do so. Noting this man carries a burden, Ilya convinces Jhod to reveal his secret. Jhod explains he was cast out of the church for mistakenly identifying a traveler as a werewolf and convincing the village to burn the man after a grisly murder in town.

The PCs next meet Kaydon Bale, a finely dressed Halfling who explains his ambition to establish a trade route between Oleg’s and Restov . Kaydon offers to buy the PCs’ gear and also volunteers to take an order back to Restov. He plans to leave the next day (Pharast 28) and return by Gozran (April) 3 or 4.

Some of the boar is roasted while the rest is smoked in an impromptu smokehouse. The men (and woman) gathered there eat and drink late into the night. Saalus tells a story of the PCs’ victory over the Thorn River bandits that is sufficient to cheer the spirits of his listeners. Kesten, after a few cups of wine, shares the Lord Mayor Ioseph’s reservations about his initial generosity towards the PCs and his hope that it’s an investment that pays off. At this feast, Svetlana tells the story of Kingsholm, a village two dozen miles or so to the east from which the villagers mysteriously vanished 50 years ago. One of the soldiers also tells the story about the haunted guardian of the bridge over the Shrike River.

An Ambush with Consequences

Toilday, Pharast 28, 4711 AR

The PCs began exploring the area surrounding Oleg’s. As they do so, an unkempt, hairy man emerges from the forest to the southwest. He claims to have been attacked by creatures in the night and that he fled his camp, leaving his gold behind. He leads the PCs back towards the woods but the party, not trusting the man, shoots him in the back. As the man falls to the ground, he reveals his true form—a hideous amalgamation of wolf and man.

Aspen in the Fall tracks the man back into the camp. Ilya sneaks ahead and stops upon hearing voices down in a hollow ahead. Saalus tries to mimic the voice of the man they just killed but the ruse fails and three werewolves charge from the hollow. Aspen in the Fall uses entangle to snare the creatures and Saalus puts two of them to sleep. Ilya smashes the head of one sleeping werewolf while Syzygy tears apart another. Hyndaner buries his blade in the chest of the third werewolf, delivering a jolt of electricity while doing so. The creature manages to bite Aspen and Hyandaner before Saalus demands it flee or die. The creature, outnumbered and severely hurt, flees into the woods.

After ransacking the werewolve’s camp, the PCs leave the forest and head back to Oleg’s. The bites Aspen and Hyandaner suffered appear very infected. They send a runner to deliver an order to Kaydon for silver weapons. The party also asks Jhod to heal their infected bite wounds, but the cleric declares it a feat beyond his power. The party then heads in the direction of Boken’s hut, hoping the hermit has wolf’s bane.

Wealday, Pharast 29, 4711 AR

The party finds Boken’s hut after exploring the area southeast of Oleg’s. The hermit allows the PCs in his hut after they explain they are friends of Oleg’s. To prove their friendship, Hyandaner drinks a potion of Boken’s which causes the elf to vomit and see rainbows. The PCs show Boken their wounds and the hermit offers them wolfsbane if they agree to rid the Stolen Lands of his brother. Boken makes the wolfesbane in tea form and, while it burns their insides, it also cures Aspen and Hyandaner of the werewolf’s curse.

The PCs spend an uneventful night in Bokens’ hut. In the morning, he sells them an unguent version of cure light wounds that can be applied directly to the injury. In addition to reminding them of their promise to rid the Stolen Lands of his brother, Boken asks the PCs to find some Fangberries to use as ingredients.

Cries in the Night

Oathday, Pharast 30, 4711 AR

The party explores the land east of Boken’s hut and discovers the village of Kingsholm. The village appears abandoned but the party does not move within its confines. A small copse of tries and a graveyard marks the southern border of the town. That night, the PCs find a secluded campsite a couple miles from the village. Several hours past sundown, candle lights can be seen in some windows and small figures can be seen moving between the buildings. A child’s cry comes up from the village, but the PCs decide not to investigate.

Fireday, Pharast 31, 4711 AR

The party heads into Kingsholm the next morning. They discover the village is indeed abandoned, finding a small bit of gold in their exploration. Syzygy notices a stench coming from the barred cellar door leading below the church. The party decides to leave that for later exploration.

The party explores the graveyard which is dominated by a mausoleum with bloodstains leading up its steps. Saalus identifies the mausoleum as hundreds of years older than the town itself. As Ilya approaches the mausoleum, a worg and two wolves attack from within. The worg and one of the wolves are killed quickly. Aspen is able to convince one of the wolves to back but the creature eventually turns on the druid and is put down as well.

Inside the mausoleum, the party finds the remains of two dead adventurers as well as a Hewards handy haversack. The party also discovers the sarcophagus in the center of the mausoleum can be pushed aside, revealing a staircase going down. They replace sarcophagus and explore the rest of the town.

Inside the mayor’s house, the party finds a hidden lockbox with some money and several magical crossbow bolts. They also find the mayor’s diary which Astoroth magically repairs. The diary recounts a plague that swept over the village along with mention of a mysterious woman who appeared in the mayor’s dream, warning him to leave town.

The party then turns their attention to the cellar below the church. Ilya punches through the cellar doors, revealing the smell of rot below. Ilya cautiously descends the stairs. Below he finds a scene of absolute horror—rotten bodies piled around the floor and a barricade set against the outside. Ilya approaches inside and, as he nears the center of the room, three small humanoid forms began taking shape out of the mist.

The party retreats into the daylight. After several minutes of nothing happening, they throw a few flasks of oil down into the basement. Astoroth uses ghost hand to stir the fire around. The blaze picks up and soon encompasses the church. The PCs head back to their encampment, leaving a burning ruin behind them.

That night, while Ilya is on watch, several misty shapes form around the camp. The shapes coalesce into creatures with knotty green skin, the heads of wild creatures and the voices of children. They move into the group, delivering deadly cold through their touch and disease through their shadows. Saalus identifies them as drekavacs, undead who spread disease and are resistant to attacks made with un-silvered weapon. Hyandaner strikes out at several with his blade but falls to their onslaught while Saalus sears one of them with positive energy. Syzygy tears into the creatures but they resist his attack. Ilya wrestles one to the ground snapping its neck. Eventually there is one left. As it drifts away in mist form, Astoroth fires an enchanted crossbow bolt into its midst, killing the creature before it escaped.

Though the creatures have been destroyed, the disease they brought lingers on. Aspen, Hyandaner, Ilya and Saalus all show signs of the disease, though Ilya and Saalus show signs of recovery.

The Journey Begins

Starting Date: Toilday, Pharast 14, 4711 AR
Game Date: May 5, 2013

The Flaming Tiger

Toilday, Pharast 14, 4711 AR

An argument breaks out in the Flaming Tiger, an inn close to the docks in Restov. A swordlord of Restov, Maegar Varn, and a noble connected to the Surtova family, Serrin Tandadon, argue politics. Andramelech attempts to calm their tempers while Maegar suggests they step outside to duel. Serrin agrees and, before leaving, talks two dock workers into joining him.

A crowd builds outside where Aspen and Andramelech notice several armed figures standing in alleyways and behind merchant carts. Ilya, once alerted to the presence of these men, notices they all stare at Maegar. Using message, Andramelech warns Maegar that this is a trap. Maegar confronts Serrin who orders his men to attack. Serrin says the swordlord has done enough rabble rousing and that he should come to Port Ice to answer some questions. The PCs jump into the fray to help the badly outnumbered swordlord.

Saalus casts color spray, taking out the two dock hands who threatened to join the fight. Serrin’s guards prove to be tough and very quickly Hyandaner lays on the ground, bleeding profusely. Andramelech’s tutelary tears into one of the guards while Tony the Tiger, Aspen’s pet, rends another. Saalus uses sleep to incapacitate several guards before engaging others in melee. Ilya confronts several of the guards but soon lays on the ground beside Hyandaner. The tide of battle turns and Serrin uses a potion to turn invisible. Two of his guards surrender.

Aspen sends Tony to track Serrin and Andramelech’s tutelary goes along as well. The tiger and tutelary track Serrin for several blocks before bringing him down. Aspen and Andramelech go to retrieve the body of the nobleman while the other PCs tie up the surviving bodyguards and dockhands. Maegar suggests they do not tarry and the PCs strip their captives. Andramelech gives a stirring speech to the crowd and the crowd chases the naked bodyguards and dock hands through the streets. Meanwhile, Maegar takes the PCs to what appears to be an abandoned warehouse.

Using a secret door in the rear of the building, Maegar enters with the PCs and explains they may take shelter there for the night.

Jade Shadows Gather

Wealday, Pharast 15

Maegar stops at the warehouse with two swordsmen. The two companions take the unconscious form of Serrin Tandadon while Maegar leads the PCs through the wealthier parts of the city. The PCs find themselves in front of the Jade Shadows dueling school. After the PCs leave Tony the Tiger and Andramelech’s tutelary in the stables, they follow Maegar down into the school’s basement.

Several groups of individuals sit around the table.
Maegar introduces the PCs to his companions:

  • Gengen Dendy: Male gnome with purple hair in a green cloak that appears to be made of leaves.
  • Caspar Morgarion: Attractive female half-elf and worshiper of Erastil.
  • Willas Gunderson: Unkempt human male bristling with axe.

A group of well dressed humans sit on another end of the table accompanied by their three servants:

  • Baron Hannis Drelev: Well dressed human male with a long purple cape and flowing black hair.
  • Imeckus Stroon: Older human male with gray streaked beard and sullen accompanied by dust mephit.
  • Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev: Elegantly dressed human woman with small yippy dog.

Another group of experienced adventures, The Iron Wraiths, sit on the other side of the table.

  • Dess Cantorin: Duergar wearing black iron plate armor and with a greatsword on his back.
  • Ilor Nuski: Muscle-bound female human with a longbow strapped to her back.
  • Eldeserin: Thin male elf with short cropped hair and an ion stone spinning over his head.
  • Perrin Two-Stabs: A hafling in black leather armor that seems to coat him in shadow.

Adramelech attempts to make friends but Imeckus rebuffs his attempts to learn more about the dust mephit. Dess grows impatient with Pavetta’s dog and Perrin Two-Stabs threatens to quiet the dog permanently.

Before the two groups come to blows, Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius enters the room accompanied by the swordsmen who earlier accompanied Maegar. Ioseph explains that the four groups will be sent into the Stolen Lands to extend Rostland’s influence further south. Maegar and his group will be sent into the Nomen Heights to pacify the centaur tribes and map the Tors of Levenies. Baron Hannis Drelev will be sent into the Hooktongue Slough to maintain a trade route that runs perilously close to Pitax as well as the boggard tribes the infest the swamp. The Iron Wraiths will be sent into the Glenebon Uplands to ensure the Tiger Lords do not upset the expansion into the Stolen Lands. The PCs will be sent into the Greenbelt, a region that, while less dangerous than the others, has never been accurately mapped.

Andramelech talks Ioseph into providing the PCs with significant traveling supplies. Andramelech also speaks to Dess who warns the half-elf to beware any of duergar he meets in his travels.

The PCs then join Maegar and his friends to celebrate. As everyone is in their cups, Willas sneaks off and Saalus follows. Willas throws off the bard’s trail before sneaking up on him with an axe. Willas threatens Saalus to not follow him again, but then invites him on a trip to the brothels. Saalus refuses with arguments about anatomy which Willas finds incredulous.

On the Road

Oathday, Pharast 16, 4711 AR

The PCs begin traveling westward on the South Rostland Road, heading towards Oleg’s. Baron Drelev’s entourage can be seen on the road ahead. In the middle of the afternoon, the PCs pass through the small town of Nivakta’ Crossing. Maegar Varn and his crew head south into the Nomen Heights. Before he leaves, Maegar invites the PCs to visit once they’ve had an opportunity to settle in.

The road is well-patrolled and the night passes uneventfully.

Fireday, Pharast 17 through Starday, Pharast 18, 4711 AR

The PCs continue traveling towards Oleg. Noting Baron Drelev’s caravan is often off to a slow start, the PCs pass it by waking early one morning. Baron Drelev notes their passing with disapproval.

Oleg’s Trading Post

Sunday, Pharast 19, 4711 AR

The PCs reach Oleg’s Trading Post late in the afternoon. The post is a surrounded by a wooden palisade with four watchtowers. No activity is observable form outside the post. After calling to Oleg repeatedly, he appears above the main gate. Though gruff at first, Aspen in the Fall reminds Oleg that they had met some years earlier. Oleg reluctantly opens the main gate.

Once inside, the PCs meet Svetlana, Oleg’s wife. Svetlana is at first disappointed to hear the PCs were not sent specifically to deal with the bandit threat, but she warms to the PCs once Andramelech explains the PCs will deal with the bandits. Oleg expresses concerns the PCs will fail and then turn the wrath of the bandits against Oleg and his wife. Svetlana invites the PCs to join her and Oleg for dinner, opening a cask of fine wine despite Oleg’s protests.

Saalus tells a tale over dinner that brings tears to Svetlana’s eyes and Oleg’s silent approval. The pair then tell the PCs a dozen bandits came three months ago led by a vicious woman named Kressle. The bandits demanded that Oleg turn over his trade goods or the bandits would burn the place to the ground. The bandits have returned on a monthly basis and are expected the next day. The PCs offer to take on the bandits and plan to set an ambush the next day.

After Oleg goes to bed, Svetlana tells the PCs he would have fought the bandits himself but fears what they would do to Svetlana were he dead. Andramelech explains Oleg’s willingness to put down his pride is perhaps a greater sacrifice than his life.

Frontier Justice

Moonday, Pharast 20, 4711 AR

Oleg gathers a pile of loot in the center of the encampment as the PCs take up hiding positions. A group of bandits approach approximately an hour after sunrise led by Happs Bydon and demand that Oleg open the gate. Oleg feigns hesitation until Happs threatens Svetlana, at which point Oleg appears to reluctantly agree to their demands.

As the bandits enter and surround the loot pile, the PCs spring forth. Ilya jumps behind the door and pushes it shut. Saalus casts sleep, knocking a number of the bandits down while Hyandaner, Aspen in the Fall (and Tony) and Andramelech’s tutelary rush into their midst. Happs and a number of bandits are killed almost while the others surrender.

Oleg takes pleasure in slitting the throats of the bandits still sleeping while the PCs question a captive. The captive reveals the location of their camp, alongside the Thorn River about 30 miles to the southwest. The aptive describes with horror the viciousness of the camp’s leader, Kressle. After the questioning, the captive is killed by Oleg. Looting the bandits, the PCs find a silver stag pin on Happs as well as assorted coin.

Oleg mounts the bandits’ heads on the palisade as the party takes off in the direction of the Thorn River camp. Traveling with the wagon and mules, the PCs are able to reach the camp at the end of the 4th day of travel.

Oathday, Pharast 23, 4711

After several days of uneventful travel, the PCs arrive at the Thorn River several hours before sunset. Using the directions provided by the bandit, the PCs follow a trail that runs along the north bank of the Thorn River. After traveling up the trail, the party detects sounds coming from a campground up ahead. Two watchposts look over the trail while the majority of the bandits along with their leader occupy a clearing off to the side.

As the bandits on the watchpost notice the PCs, the party attacks. Aspen in the Fall casts entangle in the direction of the clearing. The bandits on the watchtowers fire down at the PCs but are overcome as Tony the Tiger and Andramelech’s tutelary climb the support posts of the watchtowers. The other bandits in the entangle are cut down while Kressle falls prey to Saalus’s sleep spell.

The party questions Kressle and finds she wears a silver stag pin, similar to the one found on Happs Bydon. Saalus promises Kressle that she will be allowed to live if she gives them information. Kressle explains she serves a master called the “Stag Lord” who has a fort on the orth shore of the Tuskwater. Kressle tells the PCs she’ll take them there if they continue to spare her life. Satisfied with the information obtained, Saalus sneaks up behind her and slits her throat.

After looting the corpses, the PCs take the corpses to the edge of the wood and hang them from the tree. While on the way back to camp, the party is set upon by a half-dozen timber wolves. The wolves trail the PCs through the woods, springing out when they reach the Thorn River camp. Some of them go for the horses while another group mauls Hyandaner. Ilya falls shortly thereafter. Still, the party perserves the ravenous wolves with the help of their plucky equine companions.

Summoner's Log

Chapter One: For Great Justice

Group meets, small guarding/adventuring in the background.
With a brief and murky history, an adventuring group sits at their table—probably drawing stares of curiosity and hostility. Composed of an elven magus, a half-elven druid, a human monk, an elven bard and a half elf summoner.
The celebration is interrupted by a loud and increasingly harsh verbal exchange between two gentlemen; one a bearded Sword Lord, the other a peacock northerner in flamboyant attire.
Insults get personal, then begin involving parentage and comments about mothers.
Astoroth speeds things up with a pointed comment about the proper decorum observed by nobles, and gets them to fight out front with blades instead of invective.

Some notice that as the duel is prepared, 8 cloaked figures wait in alleyways, apparently ready for an ambush.
The blue-clad nobleman convinces to drunk bully-boys to join him in his attack on the Sword Lord.
Try warning Sword Lord via whisper, but he is only confused, prompting the attack with a line “Whats going on here?”
Two drunks are dropped by color spray, but magus is dropped by critical hit from an assassin.
Bolts and arrows strike the ambushers, while the monstrous Syzygy and Tony the tiger maul the attackers
Nobleman engages Sword Lord, who in his wisdom and arrogance turns to fight the weaker assassins, saving his main opponent for “last.” He is then flanked and is stabbed in the back twice for his trouble.
Monk falls after defending the body of the fallen elf.
Bard sleeps most remaining assassins.
Nobleman backed into a corner by Stormlord and Syzygy, drinks potion and goes invisible
It looked as if Syzygy missed its opportunity strike, but the blood on its talons told another tale.

Tony tracks the fleeing nobleman halfway across the city, and after much coordinated effort with Syzygy the invisible running nobleman is brought down.
Meanwhile, Druid had healed the two fallen companions, and once the nobleman was caught quickly staunched the flow of his lifeblood in an amazingly deft display of skill, preserving him for capture and questioning—all this while the subject was invisible.

Sword Lord brings us to his semi-secret base, we attend a dinner party with 3 adventuring/soldier groups. Nobles, Wraith knights mercenaries, and presumably the Sword Lord’s own group of soldiers/troops.
Accept a commission to restore order to the River Kingdoms and Stolen Lands—receive permission (also, orders) to kill or neutralize any bandits we encounter. The noble group will be heading to the west of us, while the Sword Lord’s men will explore some mountains that will be east of our target area.

Travel with Sword Lord’s group to the mountains, where they depart—never to be seen again, me thinks. Then we catch up to the big noble procession.
Pass them early in the morning, head to the Trading Post.
Just Oleg and his wife Svetlana, who are currently being extorted by bandits.
We offer to help. Bandits are due the very next morning.
Four tower-mounted Ballistas look cool but are all trashed, so we set up a trap with a pile of fake treasure. With greed comes gullibility.
Spring ambush, shutting door so they are all trapped inside. The entire group of bandits are captured or slain.
Oleg cuts throats with our blessing and possibly even encouragement.
Remaining pair of bandits questioned and base of evil axe woman found—a camp in the forest.
Final executions, then we’re off, bringing the bandit’s clothes, the wagons and great justice along for the trip.

Dressed up as the bandits, we arrive pulling a wagon full of fake treasure and two ally beasts.
Druid entangles everyone except the archers in trees.
Axe woman put to sleep by bard, archers are slain, rest are captured.
Questioning then hanging. Learn a little more about the Stag Lord (?) who lives along the lake to our south. Some kind of bandit king, his base is a building or fortress of some kind.
Axe woman’s throat slit by bard as she was allowed to watch the other executions and allowed to believe that she was going free. Probably the least “good” act of the adventure so far—not bad!
Looting of camp, string bodies up in a conspicuous tree along road.

Deadly ambush by hostile wolves—a sad and unfortunate outcome.

Chapter Two: Overcoming Extreme Adversity

We gradually make our way back to Oleg’s, traveling slowly due to wagon mechanics. But since it’d be such a shame to abandon a potentially useful future resource, we take it easy, exploring the area around the wagon as we go.

A day or so out from the trading post, I thought it would be nice to do a little hunting, so that we can both bring back a nice present upon our return as well as getting a nice meal out of the deal. After discussion with our naturalist Aspen in the Fall, the notion was acceptable so long as we used the entire animal. The wild-eyed half elf made an obscene comment about the defication and waste of the being… at least that’s how I interpreted it at the time. I did catch a whiff of his breath lather, however, and… well.

Tony and Syzygy raced across the horizon ahead of us, my fellow half-elf directing the hunt in primal communion with the land. I watched with appreciation as, demonstrating his mastery and instinctive understanding of the natural world, he quickly cornered a boar—an immense beast with six inch, no… foot long tusks! This 600 pound monstrosity was laid low by a volley of arrows and bolts, and fell dead beside a tree. Some stray arrows had hit the tree, and the day’s conditions being perfect for the flow of tree sap caused an eruption of delicious, sticky maple syrup to drench the target, giving it a sweet glazing marinade. Aspen in the Fall was quick to spot a variety of flavorful wild herbs which he proceeded to collect for dinner.

We arrived back at Oleg’s with the quarter ton of bacon-to-be in the wagon, only to be stopped at the gate. A man we didn’t recognize, but wearing the uniform of some form of soldier, began to question us. Before we could get righteously indignant about the welcome, we heard Oleg shouting for us to be let in. We noticed the bandit heads had been taken down from the spikes they’d formerly occupied.

There were people there now—quite a few I’d say, but not a lot. A group of guards were now stationed at the trading post: their leader, whom I will refer to as Captain Kesten, was a human of middling years. Svetlana came out to greet us, and we let everyone goggle over our abundance of pork before asking her to cook it for a feast… for everyone! The new guards are so happy to be included.

(Some of the guards’ behavior is potentially troublesome. Saalus guided us through some potential social fau pax. The men, admittedly in comradarie after hearing of our fantastical exploits of the previous week, offered us drink and drank with us—while on duty. I’m no military genius, but due to the danger of this territory, and the immenant threat that the bandit king Staglord poses to us. Since he will surely seek reprisals against us, as any king would when his minions are messed around with. If the guys on watch are drunk or passed out when we’re finally attacked… not good.)

However, in the theme of the evening, we were seeking to build trust and alliances, not alienate or instruct. A brief outline of events was given, to be further detailed by our bard at a later time, and those in the courtyard were suitably impressed. We collected bounty on the bandits we’d hung on the conspicuous hanging tree, using their armor and equipment as proof since Kesten was unwilling to venture that far, fearing for his men’s safety in this admittedly hostile realm.

A halfling by the name of Kaden Bale introduced himself to us shortly after the abbreviated version of events was made known. He was impressed by us, and we, for our part, were mostly impressed by his clothes, manners, and the offer he made to our group. He will purchase any goods we acquire during the course of our exploits at 50% of cost, and has the money to bankroll the transactions. We requested that he send someone to Restov to pick up two cure light wound wands, and one of mage armor. Little do we know that they only had one cure wand left on the marker.

Some time after this, we met another human—this one old. His name was Jod Caven, a cleric of Erastil (seem to be a lot of those), who was searching for something—namely a group of badasses who could find the holy place of Erastil he’d seen in his dreams. Us. After getting some vague notions of where and what the place might be, he muttered something about finally getting “redemption”.

Instantly, Saalus was upon him. He wanted no part in any revenge plot, or so he made it seem. The vehemence of his argument was impressive to me, especially since I’d interpreted this sad old man’s statement completely differently. He refused to speak of the deed or circumstance which required redemption—but Ilya the silent whipped out his chalkboard and began scribbling furiously. He offered to share tales of personal sorrow and failure, and proceeded to write down, in excrutiating detail, the events which led to his present circumstances.

After around 10 minutes, when he was just starting to get going and Jod was beginning to look around a little wild-eyed, as if searching for an escape, we left the cleric to Ilya, and went around doing other stuff, including drinking with on-duty guards. Ilya did eventually obtain the information: apparently this priest hunted werewolves, and mistakenly killed (or burned) a human who wasn’t affected by the curse.

The feast went magnificently. Saalus told an epic tale of our recent exploits, with a stunning rendtion of the battle scenes and the fall of the Axe Woman. It was touching to see the looks of awe and wonder in the collected faces of humanity, even an aging priest of Erastil whose withered face seemed to lose some of its decrepitude during the recitation of Saalus’s song. Ilya put on a good face, but I could tell the delicious bacon and pork chop smells were getting to him. Oleg was convinced to break open some casks of wine, and we all were merry well into the night.

When we awoke the next day, we decided to explore the area around Olegs. Sometime that afternoon, we encountered a raving, savage looking man. Unkempt, with a frazzled beard and crazy look in his eye, he begged us to help him. He’d been attacked, in the woods over there… could we help?

My companions were instantly suspicious. They demanded the man keep his distance, and it took me a moment to catch on—something was wrong with this fellow. Obvioiously his words were a trap, but from Saalus’s reaction they were no mere bandits. Hyandaner mouthed the word “werewolf” and it became all to clear.

We pretended to acceed to the man’s wishes, but were quickly forced to slay him—a task easier rendered through word than deed when confronting lycanthropes. Heady with the taste of victory against an opponent all but immune to our weapons, we proceeded into the woods to the supposed ambush point. Hearing the mutterings of the rest of the lupine accomplices, we drew them out with a poor attempt by the bard to imitate the dead werewolf’s voice—but it got their attention all the same.

A truly epic battle followed.


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