Ancient Azlanti Blade

weapon (melee)

Vat-Nas is an ancient longsword with a unique two-handed grip and dual blades, that hold between them a strange material. This material glows blue if the sword is drawn and has detected fey.

The image of the sword found by researchers appears to be misleading in that the actual blades are thinner and the overall reach is longer, than seem to be portrayed in the extant Aztlan source material.

Vat-Nas functions as a +2 feybane longsword. Additionally, it has the following properties:

  • 3/day detect fey as per the spell detect undead except that it targets fey instead of undead
  • Even though it does not appear to be made of cold-forged iron, it bypasses the DR of any fey.

A relatively small section of a wall in the unresting place of the ancient Aztlan King Tollund appears to be a sheet of metal; thinner than paper, but stronger than stone.

Upon this mysterious material, there is an image etched largely in haunting swaths of black and grey (once silver). The purple eyes of a very large man contrast a huge blue fire from which a strange object has been drawn and pointed at an upward angle, as if toward the heavens.

A closer inspection of the image reveals that the sky shows no stars, only diffused streams of beams of light; as though the viewer is gazing up toward the surface of water, from a great depth.

But as magical light is brought closer to the image, the lightbeams disappear into blackness; revealing etchings on the metal surface that outline strange symbols both intricate and simple:

“The World Has Become Without Time or Distance. Ragadahn’s Way is the Way of the Reckless and Pointless.”

An Aztlan scholar later interpreted the image in its historical context:

Tollund knew his teacher thought Ragadahn mindless and meddlesome. He convinced Garcolet (gar-so-let), an Aboleth who still traveled to the Shallows, to assist him in planning an expedition to meet rumored new creations that lived “with their own mind, yet inseparably connected to emerging microcosms within the ever-changing natural world on the surface” (Exalted Account of Azorus).

A different tome tells of how Garcolet bonded a fraction of his mind to Tollund, one of his prized proteges. It is written that Garcolet lost more than Tollund gained.

Tollund later created Vat-Nas, and followed it into the primordial wilderness; into the area now known as the Stolen Lands.


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