The Free Market of Restov


Last updated for Lamashan, 4711 AR
The following items can be purchased at the Free Markets of Restov.

Base Value: 12,800 gp (there is a 75% chance each month an item equal to or less than base value can be purchased).

1st and 2nd level scrolls (arcane and divine) are available 100% of the time.

All items are at minimum caster level and all wands have maximum charges unless otherwise indicated. If wands have less than 50 charges, their price proportional to the number of charges less than 50 (e.g. a wand with 25 charges sells for half price).

Armor and Shields

7950 gp +2 Scale Mail, Shadow
9153 gp +3 Light Wooden Shield
9257 gp +3 Heavy Wooden Shield (Darkwood)
27170 gp +3 Heavy Steel Shield, Cold Energy Resistance


2301 gp +1 Shortspear
2304 gp +1 Light Pick (Glowing)
2305 gp +1 Longspear
32301 gp +3 Sai, Vicious
32322 gp +3 Punching Dagger (Silver), Ki Focus
72301 gp +4 Sai, Flaming Burst


375 gp Arcane Scroll of Major Image
375 gp Divine Scroll of Magic Circle against Evil
425 gp Arcane Scroll of Illusory Script


18000 gp Ring of Minor Spell Storing


24500 gp Rod of Metamagic, Greater Extend
61000 gp Rod of Security


82000 gp Staff of Transmutation


300 gp Potion of Align Weapon
300 gp Potion of Obscure Object


2430 gp Wand of Warp Wood (27 charges)
4500 gp Wand of Scorching Ray (50 charges)
4500 gp Wand of Calm Emotions (50 charges)
11250 gp Wand of Summon Monster III (50 charges)

Wondrous Items

2400 gp Robe of Bones
3750 gp Druid’s Vestment
15500 gp Figurine of Wondrous Power, Onyx Dog
16000 gp Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4
16500 gp Figurine of Wondrous Power, Golden Lions
50000 gp Horn of Valhalla
55000 gp Instant Fortress


The Free Market of Restov

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