Rod of Razors

Advanced Numerian pole arm


This adamantine +3 keen shocking burst halberd is made of strange silvery metal common to Numerian weapons. Using it effectively requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Rod of Razors).

It functions similarly to a halberd except that it does 2d8 damage. Further, with a swift action, the wielder can decide whether to extend the blade giving the weapon reach or retracting its length to attack adjacent targets.

Finally, it can be used to shoot darts out of the handle. These darts do 1d8/x3 damage with a 60 ft. range increment. It can be fired up to five range increments away. Like all ranged weapon, the wielder’s Dexterity bonus applies to attacks made with the darts. Any feats that apply to ranged weapons apply to this function of the weapon.


Rod of Razors

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