The Kingmaker

weapon (melee)

Merthúvial is a jet-black longsword with a plain hilt decorated by a single large pearl in the pommel.

Merthúvial always functions as a +1 cold iron longsword. Further, its wielder may reroll one Diplomacy check per day before learning the results of the roll.

Merthúvial may become much more powerful over time. As certain rituals are completed, various aspects of the sword are unlocked and the blade will grow in power with its user. These rituals require rare herbs and components that require a significant investment on the part of the wielder in addition to performing some type of action.

Note: All command words noted below must be spoken in Celestial.

King’s Gift

The weapon must be passed on by the blade’s owner to an heir. (No your PC is not an heir of King Theron.) If no heirs live, the owner must perform an attunement ritual with the blade. Cost: 2,500 gp

Wielder Level Abilities
5th Detect thoughts 1/day
7th Strength of Kings
8th Loyal Servitor

Detect Thoughts (Sp): Once per day, you can use detect thoughts as per the spell. The save is 12 + your Cha modifier. Caster level 5th.

Strength of Kings (Su): Merthúvial grants a +2 enhancement bonus to its wielder’s Strength while carried.

Loyal Servitor (Su): You gain the continual benefit of an unseen servant as per the spell. If dissipated by 6 or more points of damage from an area attack, or if it ceases to exist by moving more than 35 feet away from you, the servant reforms 1 round later in any square adjacent to you. Caster level 5th.

Know the Pain

In combat with real foes (your CR or greater), you must allow an enemy to strike you. That foe automatically scores a critical hit. Cost: 12,500 gp.

Wielder Level Abilities
10th Merciful redress 3/day
11th + 2 keen cold iron longsword
13th Lordly orator 1/day
14th Expel from the realm 1/day
16th Loyal minions 1/day

Merciful Redress (Sp): Three times per day, you can use lesser restoration as the spell by touching Merthúvial to the creature and speaking the command phrase, “Your strength shall return!” Caster level 10th.

Lordly Orator: Once per day, you may gain a +10 competence bonus to Diplomacy checks for a number of minutes equal to your character level. While this ability is active, you can attempt a Diplomacy check as a full-round action without the normal penalty unless the target is currently hostile.

Expel from the Realm (Sp): Once per day by issuing the command word “Begone” and gesturing with the sword, you can force a creature to return to its native plane, as by the dismissal spell. The base save is 14 + your Cha modifier. Add your character level to this number and subtract the target creature’s HD to determine the final save DC. Caster level equals your level.

Loyal Minions (Sp): Once per day when you utter the command phrase “To me!” and gesture with Merthúvial, you can use summon monster V as the spell. You can only summon good or neutral creatures with this ability. Caster level 15th.

Unite the People

You must forge an alliance between two or more disparate groups of people in order to unite them against a common foe, and you must work to protect them from that foe until the danger is past. Cost: 40,500 gp.

Wielder Level Abilities
17th +2 keen shocking burst cold iron longsword
20th King’s command 1/day

King’s Command (Sp): Once per day when you issue the command “Hear and obey!” and gesture with Merthúvial, you can use dominate monster as per the spell. The save is 19 + your Cha modifier. Caster level 20th.



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