Ancient blade forged from an arch fey's love


This artifact functions as a +4 longsword. The hilt section has intricately worked designs, under which greenish light emits. Its blade appears as if it was carved from green wood. Thorns sprout from the flat of its blade, which turns dark red towards the point. Occasionally it leaks reddish sap that almost looks like blood. When used it combat, it begins pulsing as if it had a heart beat.

Though it functions as a longsword, it does 1d10 damage with a critical threat range of 19-20/x2. It functions as a light weapon for the purposes of two-weapon fighting and weapon finesse.

Further, Briar will adapt to the desires of the user. If its owner spends a full day practicing with the blade, it will function as a one-handed slashing weapon of the owner’s choosing for the purpose of weapon-specific feats and character abilities, such as Weapon Focus. No matter what weapon it becomes, however, it retains the characteristics above.

Careful study reveals it may have further powers that could be unleashed as the blade is used.



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