The perfect killing machine


A six limbed, black carapaced horror, Syzygy stands nine feet tall, much of the height coming from its long, spindly legs. Four scything talons extend from its front four appendages, dripping acid when it gets excited. It’s face is a mixture of reptilian and insectile features, and its maw is a writhing mass of tentacles.


Syzygy is the consciousness of the spectral outsider soulbound to the summoner Astoroth. Its native plane, a shadowy jungle/swamp/grassland biome of epic proportions, is not something that it readily discusses, claiming an inability to accurately translate complex concepts in primitive sound based languages.

It exhibits a zest for life, skittering and leaping about in excitement at times. Its favorite activity is to interact with other physical objects: re-arranging molecular structures through physical changes like cutting, slashing, stabbing, piercing, crushing and smashing produce fascinating and rewarding results each and every time—so different from its home realm.

It is an amalgam of the entity which existed in the twilight wilderness before Astoroth’s birth, and the ideal form imposed upon it by the summoner’s belief in the being. When asked, Astoroth has been known to compare the former with a voraciously hungry fire elemental yearning for something to consume, and the latter being akin to a mantis/griffon hunter hybrid with the same playfulness and cruelty one could expect in a young kitten. Its physical shape is a product, at least in part, of confused and terrible dreams Astoroth suffered during his spiritual quest in the forgotten glade.


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