Sayaka Octavia von Seckondorf

Blue-haired Inquisitor Primarch


Sayaka Octavia Von Seckondorf, is a youngish 5’3" tall half-elven woman. She has azure eyes and her hair is dyed a shade between teal and aquamarine. Wearing an impressive suit of full plate armor adds considerably to her bulk and slightly to her height. She has a large steel shield strapped to her back, and wears an awesomely forward-curving black adamantine sword at her side.


An obsession with chivalric orders led her to pursue entry into a knightly order; she was admitted, after various trials and tribulations, to a group dedicated to protecting a local leader. In a surprise attack that involved the heavy use of necromancy and other foul magics, the Order was largely decimated and the leader slain. The magical assault, and the near impunity their attackers had dispatched the proud cavalry unit, convinced her of the dangers of evil magic, and the necessity to not only defend against it, but actively oppose it.

The definition of “evil magic” is somewhat vague.

She pledged herself to Nethys, and has been blessed with various powers that help her in her quest to complete what she sees as her mission: finding a worthy lord to serve and protect, guarding against the perils of infernal necromancy in the name of the god of magic.

Her journey northwards over nearly the past year, in search for substantiation of vague rumors she’d heard, has let her witness some of the good in the world, like Andoran, and trash like the River Kingdoms and Galt.

After Nyrissa

Primarch Sayaka von Seckondorf, Champion of the Autarch, Warden of Arcadia.

While studying the Rod of Razors deep beneath Blackrock Spire, a secret compartment was uncovered, exposing a small panel filled with complex, glowing patterns of razor-fine wires embedded in the shaft of the weapon. Months of intense research revealed clues and hints about the function and makeup of the device, but lacking specific and as-yet-unheard-of metals and sources of power, the dwarves abandon any attempt to replicate the lightning-wreathed halberd.

After the tinkering, however, Sayaka began to notice a change in the weapon. It had always maintained a strange, slightly creepy aura, a weapon unique to this world, built for something not humanoid. When she held it in her hands, she seemed to feel something deep within the device, a strange connection that felt as if the weapon was another limb, a natural extension of her being.

Concurrently, a series of nightmares began to plague her. In the middle of the night, she would wake up, gasping and covered in cold sweat, haunted by hazy, lingering terror. It was weeks before she began to recall the dreams, and sometimes she’d wake to find her journal open on the bed, strange, angular symbols drawn in minuscule detail across pages, drawings of strangely armored figures and fantastic, impossibly huge vehicles.

After discussing the troubling dreams with Astoroth, the Autarch sent Sayaka and whomever of Team Overkill wish on a trip to Absolom for a well-earned vacation. Also, to search out and obtain something he’s long waited for: dinosaurs.

Absolom, nearly 1500 miles south of Arcadia’s border, is a journey of some time. Taking care of their leadership duties early, the travelers and their mounts, older, non-sentient hippogriffs, are teleported directly to a small island north of the city. From there, they fly the last twenty miles and arrive from the north.

Two weeks of relaxation, shopping and urban adventure follow. At the Autarch’s suggestion, Sayaka meditates on the mystical knowledge he has shared, unlocking the magical energy flowing through her veins and bonding a tiny dinosaur as her familiar. Kyubie (QB) is an albino compsognathus, its ruby eyes gleaming when perched atop her shoulder.

During this time, the secrets of her alien weaponry are further revealed. Sayaka learns about the internal workings of the device, not magic but instead utilizing something completely different to achieve a similar result.

It identifies itself as the Nemesis, Foe-Razer, and is ancient beyond reckoning. The blade, long dormant, begins to awaken under the influence of Sayaka, and the inquisitor unconsciously shapes its awareness as the weapon’s secrets are unlocked, forming a powerful bond with the long-nascent mind.

The end of the weapon is a pair of blades, the greater curving up while the reverse swept back down. The metal is dull silver with a distinctive emerald sparkle, resulting from the minuscule, twisting ribbons of damascus-patterned green metal swirling throughout the blade. It hums faintly, usually just below the threshold of hearing, but in combat the device issues an echoing, mechanical buzz. When activated, faint blue arcs of lightning can be seen playing between the weapon’s blades.

The shaft upon which the blades are set is irregular and often changes from day to day. It is always thicker towards the ends, especially at the bottom, which rather than being flat is curved, fitting itself against the shoulder when the weapon is raised to discharge projectiles. The shards that the artifact hurls out from between the blades appeared to be composed of the same strange metal alloy, originating from deep within the haft of the polearm.

The alien artifact interacts strangely with its wielder and her armor. The device can project a shield of protective force (shield), cause a localized temporal disturbance (haste), distort and duplicate the image of the wielder (mirror image), and most strangely can increase the mass and size of the wielder, enlarging and elongating arms until the holder looks not quite human (enlarge person, long arm).

The Nemesis, Foe-Razer. Minor Artifact.

+3 keen shocking burst adamantine halberd.

Mythic Abilities: Foe-biting, Unstoppable Strike, Intelligent (x3)

Spell-Like Abilities: 3/day shield, enlarge person, mirror image, haste. 1/day long arm

Sayaka follows the mythic path of Champion, her energy coming from Astoroth’s magic and the connection she has unlocked with the Nemesis Razer. She has forsaken the Sin Eater abilities (an Inquisitor archetype), focusing instead on the path of Righteous Anger (an Inquisitor domain).

Sayaka Octavia von Seckondorf

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