Coolest motherfucker around


Intro story:

As you exit the inn, you are surprised to see the storyteller who was entertaining within. Tall and thin, the elf stares at you with piercing green eyes. Curiously he sports a longbow across his back and a longsword at his hip. (unless I can afford an elven curved blade, but I don’t think I will be able to at first)

“Any man who travels with such a creature is sure to be the source of many a grand tale. I am but a simple storyteller, but I do have certain skills which may prove useful in your journeys. I would be grateful for the opportunity to accompany your on your travels.”

As you begin the walk out of town he shares his wineskin and tells you a little more of himself.

“During my youth I spent much time learning the arts of the warrior, though that seems like another lifetime. I admit that I was not the best student. I spent my free time not stalking the forest as did many of my peers, but in the libraries absorbing the history and knowledge of generations of elves. It turns out I was not meant to be a ranger, guarding the boundaries of the elven lands. Once I reached my day of true naming, I took the opportunity afforded me as an adult and set off north in search of further stories and legends. It was rumored that a lost elven vault existed somewhere in what the humans call the ‘Stolen Lands,’ what better place to find lost tales? Even if I’m unable to find lost elven knowledge, the journey alone should provide material for further epics.

“My name? Well, that is a story in and of itself my friend, one which shall have to wait for another time. Until then, please, call me Saalus (pronounced like Solace).”


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