Ralga Turathiel

Ancient Lorekeeper and Oracle of the Star Elves


“Attune yourself to the Spirit of Arcadia. Or I will do it for you.”

Ralga arrived in the Stolen Lands with the appearance and weapons of a typical figher. However, after joining Knallhart, and after taking on the duties of the Seikonur (High Priestess) of Arcadia, she has been seen to carry fewer weapons and to wear less armor than ever before.

It can be difficult to believe a beautiful, unarmed woman to be dangerous. Yet within seconds Ralga can summon virtually any deadly weapon, and a formidable, ethereal suit of armor, to her person; as though from thin air.

If you would be interested, she will tell you tales of the past glories of the Turathirim (her ancestral line), and will show you the weapons and armor they used to win battles both great and small…


The wandering souls of fallen Occulari, long-time enemies of her family, targeted Ralga from an early age. She had trained to become a Priestess of the Wood but ended up drawn into a centuries-old, though somewhat lop-sided feud (considering the relative success of the elves who returned to Golarion after the Fall).

The ancestral spirits of the Turathirim (honorific for the overall ancestral blood line of Turathels) were called to her aid, but their assistance arrived at a cost: their protection and presence intensified her connection with the spirit realm, aged her emotionally, and set her upon a journey toward becoming a True Warrior of the material and spiritual realms.

Ralga Turathiel

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