Evil Fey Queen




Nyrissa is a powerful nymph sorceress known also as the Queen of Forgotten Time or the Count’s Mistress. She rules a part of the First World known as Thousandbreadths. (Powerful fey in the First World have their own realms that function like separate demiplanes, with physical rules that bend to the will of their ruler.) The forest of Thousand Voices in the Glenebon Uplands is somehow connected to this demiplane. Thousandbreadths consists of a number of glades ruled by Nyrissa’s minions. Nyrissa rules this realm in a dwelling known as the House at the End of Time.

Nyrissa is said to have lead to the downfall of one of the First World’s Eldest, whose power rivals that of some gods. For this Nyrissa was punished. More details are beyond your knowledge.

Most of what is known about Nyrissa and Thousandbreadths is contained in a book called Zudigger’s Picnic. Zuddiger’s Picnic was published in Pitax about sixty years ago. Due to its disturbing images and the author’s murderous rampage that ended in his death, few copies are believed to remain in existence.


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