Mourn Duskwalker

Ancient and Enigmatic Star Elf Mage




Mourn Turathel, aka the Dusk Walker, was the most powerful of the Star Elf wizards. The Star Elves had long prophesized their own demise and to escape that fate, their people had decided they must leave the material world. Mourn Turathel claimed he could open a portal to a demi-plane known as the Night Realm and that therein the Star Elves would find shelter from the foretold doom. Mourn’s experiments worried some, however, who questioned the idea of opening a doorway into an unknown world.

When Mourn opened and traveled through the portal to the Night Realm, the Star Elves betrayed him and locked the portal so that it was not possible to travel back. It is not clear whether this was to punish him, to protect the Star Elves or was the act of a jealous peer. According to the Essarium, the magic was such that a Star Elf could open the doorway back with magic utilizing Mourn’s lifeless body. That way, Mourn’s followers could return if they were to betray their former master. There is no clear record whether that actually happened.

Mourn Duskwalker

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