Encased in an exquisite suit of plate stands Malgos, a well built half-elf with black hair filled with white streaks and stark white eyes, marking an ancient familial indiscretion. His preferred weapon is the large razor like adamantine sword.


Malgos spent most of his life in Kyonin, living with one of the less closed nobel families. The others always looked down on him, forcing him to take the most menial of tasks throughout childhood. While the others would take lessons on various subjects from history and etiquette to swordplay and spellcasting. Malgos didn’t mind, he relished in the physical tasks leading many mock fights in the halls while cleaning.

One day the lord of the house finally passed. The gathering that followed lead to a friendship with a son from another noble house. With an Elf noble on his side things started to look up. Rumors abound on why the noble even took the time, much less befriend Malgos, but the most widely accepted theory involves divination. He was finally being included in the structured lessons. Nothing that involved a book was interesting or came easy to Malgos but the time in the yard on swordplay could never last long enough. Initially all he could hope for was to overpower his opponents, hallway fights against air these were not.

Soon the military came calling. Finally! He thought, here I can prove I belong. His initial assignments were mainly patrols along the contested borders. Skirmishes were not uncommon occurrences on these patrols, although they featured at most some hobgoblin mercenaries working for a River Kingdom.

Malgos was right for some time, with the backing of a noble the military favored those who won, and Malgos was exceptionally effective, earned an invitation with one of the veteran units. It is here where our stories begin to intersect.

It was at this point that an elf named Hyandenar arrived in Kyonin from Galt and it was at this time that the two would first meet. While crossing the border fleeing a Galt patrol, Hyandenar finds fate in the form of a Kyonin patrol. The resulting combat is swift and deadly for the Galt patrol.

Malgos soon finds the elf to awkward and intensely interested in his quest. The elf kept saying things about a curse and finding a home land for his people. Baffled at what the elf was babbling about, Malgos takes him to his friend. Malgos, leaves quickly after introductions, depressed that he won’t be able to talk about gaining a command.

Finally, fed up with the lack of a command, Malgos confronts his friend. The meeting became tense at times, as the two fought the elf finally put together the rest of his vision and the recent news from the north of a new kingdom in the the stolen lands. The elf puts forth a proposal to Malgos, knowing that Malgos will never be accepted he suggests heading north and seeking out the strange elf from before. That is where his home will be.

Malgos asked if there was anything other assistance that could be provided. The elf said there was not, but for a dear friend he should take a horse, and an sword he had been saving for a happier time. It was from here that led Malgos to Calisto.


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