Maegar Varn

Rebellious Swordlord


Human male with loose fitting clothes and long, flowing black hair.


Maegar Varn is a young upstart noble from Restov who has embraced the legends and martial style associated with the Aldori swordlords. Maegar firmly believes Rostland should separate from Brevoy and become its own nation, despite the fact that is all but impossible at the moment. Though his idyllic visions may occasionally cloud his judgment, he has proved to be a reliable and helpful friend during the short time he has known the PCs.

He met his end while held in thrall to the ancient re-awakened Cyclop LIch Vordakai, who dominated the entire population of Varnhold, murdering most of them in his stronghold. Maegar himself met an inglorious end, his brain being fed upon by undead monsters.

A monument has been erected in his memory, funded by his relatives in Brevoy.

Maegar Varn

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