Furious Lodrin

Industrious Craftsman and Cleric of Abadar


“The judgment of Civilization is upon you!”

Lodrin is very tall for a dwarf and seems to be animated with more energy than other dwarves. He can cover more ground than most of his kin.

On the outside of his right hand appears a birthmark in the shape of a large key, which looks almost exactly like the holy symbol of Abadar. He brandishes this mark when calling upon divine energies.

Recently Lodrin has begun crafting and using his own weapons and armor; but he is also happy to offer his services to like-minded journeymen and women.


Lodrin’s clan hails from one of the four Sky Citadels tragically lost to unceasing swarms of darkness dwellers.

Born and raised after the exodus, Lodrin dedicated himself to learning the methods of diverse, respected craftsmen. He found himself becoming an outspoken supporter for continuous improvement and for refinement of Dwarven culture, wherever his kin may call “home”.

He wants his people to stand with a stronger footing in Golarion, but his personal belief is that the path to strength means personal improvement and public service. He believes Dwarves should not be too quick to deny the forces of change. And that Dwarves should strive to evolve faster than the Elven cultures, perhaps one day even rivaling the pace of Human development.

The prospect of helping to build and support the multicultural vitality of Arcadia is too appealing for Lodrin to pass up. He quickly and happily accepted the invitation from Knallhart to serve as Treasurer of Arcadia, and he feels that this turn of events must definitely align with the will of Abadar.

Furious Lodrin

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