Jhod Kavken

Redeemed cleric


Male human usually wearing a rough wool cloak with an invigorated look in his eyes.


Jhod Kavken was a former priest of Erastil who was cast out of the church proper. His visions caused him to believe a traveler passing through town was a werewolf responsible for recent murders in the area. After the village lynched this man, it was apparent he was not a lycanthrope. For this error, he was cast from his village and his church.

Jhod’s recent visions have led him to the Stolen Lands, where he believes a temple is hidden in the woods, guarded by some tainted beast. Jhod was certain the discovery of this temple will give him absolution, and in this he was correct.

He now functions as the overseer of the Erastil Preserve, a couple hundred square miles of wilderness within the Narlmarch Forest, and has been called upon and succeeded in several instances where Knallhart required his assistance, mainly in the creation of magic items.

Jhod Kavken

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