Aspen in the Fall

Lord Marshal of the Tree Wardens


Slender pale half elf with flaming yellow hair


Stepping out from behind a large Red Pine a slender pale half elf with flaming yellow hair speaks his greeting. “Hello traveler, best to be cautious in these woods, they are filled with dark and unsavory men. Why, can’t you hear the Forrest shouting to be rid of them? Oh but trees do talk my friend as does all of nature”


Your pulse quickens as a large dark tiger slips around the man. “Anthony can tell you, he thinks Bandits for breakfast are GREATTTT!”

My name is Aspen in the Fall, and this is my guide companion Tony, Tony the Tiger. Welcome to our home, the aptly named “Stolen Lands” as it was stolen from my family.

Once we were pioneers of the most beautiful homestead. Fertile fields, a running creek filled with trout, pastures of the greenest grass for fat cattle to graze upon. My childhood was a dream of the bountiful richness those connected to the land can receive. But one day men came and I awoke.

They killed my human father and raped my elven mother. They would have killed her as well but her beauty was so enticing their leader had to have her for his own. I tried to save her but was knocked unconscious by one of the dirty brutes as they bundled her away and put my family’s farm to the torch.

I awoke in the care of a family friend, a wondering shaman known as Hoof of the Elk. It was with him I learned the language of nature and the ways of the wild. It wasn’t an easy task, at first all I could do was think about my loss and the fate of my mother. Hoof of the Elk did what he could and we soon tracked the men down. I knew the power of nature was strong but I had no idea just how destructive it could be to the frailty of flesh. Unfortunately we we’re too late to save my mother. We did find my father’s horse Bingo with these men. I tried to set him free but some bonds between man and beast are made stronger through trial and fire.
Since that day Hoof of the Elk has shown me many varied and wondrous things. Through his teaching my natural handling of animals, my knowledge of nature and ability to perceive the world has grown and grown. I have learned how to harness the divine power of the earth and listen to its teachings, for it has much to tell us.

One day he had me fast and I was sent into the woods. I wondered and waited and after three days we found each other, one a starved young half elf the other a equally hungered, raged and week tiger cub. Simultaneously we came upon the body of a freshly fallen fawn. I had no knife and the cub was too weak. Somehow the we worked together, I guided his claws and opened the dear’s neck. We took turns drinking its life and somehow saved us both.
Weeks later we found the tiger’s mother. She had been shot by a poacher’s poisoned arrow, Just one more example of the wicked men who inhabit these “Stolen Lands”

So now you know a little bit about me.

I hope you feel the way I do when I tell you “this land hungers for the blood of those who defile it!”

Aspen in the Fall

Until Thy Kingdom Come ineluki Vanstrickle