Amaya Rami "Pitch"

Jr.Assistant Librarian


She appears as a young, striking, waifish human standing 5’6’’ tall. Her coloring is grey-scale like she stepped out of a graphite sketch. Her ivory white skin appears shaded by brushes of coal dust. An intricate tattoo of a deep violet iridescent ink begins between her shoulder blades, two large flowering vines twin about each other and split at the base of her neck curling about each of her shoulders and arms, the vines becoming finer as they wind down to the tips of her fingers. The leaves appear to be stylized flames and the blossoms made of frost. The vine’s roots form a fractal pattern of electrical discharge that reaches down to the small of her back. She has wavy white-grey hair that is cut just short of shoulder length. The two locks of hair that frame her face have been dyed an eye-bleeding scarlet. A tapered hood shades most of her face. The wispy forest-green glow from her pupilless eyes cast strange shadows over her fine features. A masterwork set of silk armor flows about her figure, the silver stitching and studding bright against the black silk. Sturdy dark leather boots fade into the hem. Since her arrival she has managed to procure a bright blue silk scarf she keeps tied around her neck.


Amaya “Pitch” Rami is the dangerously curious and optimistic to a fault Jr. Assistant Librarian and founding member of the Umbral society (currently comprising her, her cousin, that cousin’s friend, the friend’s roommate, and the neighborhood conspiracy theorist) whose charter is to protect the interests and well-being of Fetchlings (Kayal) and gather knowledge of the Shadow plane they inhabit. Given the prevalence of Umbral dragons, shadow demons, and other hazardous hazards of the Shadow realm recruitment to the Society has been difficult.
Recently actions in the material plane Stolen Lands has begun to affect it’s reflection in the Shadow plane. This has come to the attention of Amaya. She gets permission (perhaps too easily, she wonders if her village just didn’t want her out of their hair) to explore further into the interior of the Shadow version of the Stolen Lands. As she journeys on the “day” becomes curiously bright, almost painfully so. The usual wash of greys is cast in stark black and white causing deep shadows to pool in the angles and crooks of the land.
She sees some wispy figures moving about what appears to be ruined keep. A particular strange and insect like beast skitters through her form on its way up to a door of the ruined keep. Startled she draws on her power and wraps herself in waves of shadow and steps into a deep shadow in the nearby scrub. A wave of vertigo strikes her. As the dizziness passes she is struck by the noise; the whisper of the wind blowing through the evergreens and denuded winter limbs of trees, the snort of an elk nearby. As she peers about the colors hit her like a blow. An impossible blue dome of sky rises above her. Long wisps of Sirius clouds ribboning in the fierce winds high above cause her to gape as she silently forms a string of joyous expletives. The sun is impossibly bright and the reflection off the snow literally brings her to her knees. The hundreds of thousands of tiny rainbows sparkling on the snow from the refracted light finally overwhelm her senses and she passes out while an ecstatic grin slowly fades as unconsciousness takes her.
She awakes some time later near dusk hearing the sounds of voices leaving the ruined keep. Drawing the shadows about her she sees a strange band of adventurers. Judging by the bits of troll they are carrying out and the way they carry themselves (did that bear just turn into a man?!) they must be powerful.
She must have found a temporary portal and was now in the material plane. The excitement of this thought is enough to almost cause her to black out again from hyper ventilating. She takes a sip of applejack from her hip-flask and decides to trail them from a good distance to see what kind of people these adventurers are and what interesting things they lead her to.

Amaya Rami "Pitch"

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