Until Thy Kingdom Come

Taming the Stolen Lands

Starting Game Date: Lamashan 15, 4711 AR
Session Dates: August 18 and September 8, 2013

Reports of cattle mutilations and disappearances draw Knallhart to the farm communities on the western edge of Arcadia. There, they discover evidence werewolves attacked the cattle. Following leads from the local garrison, the party heads to a farm that appears abandoned. Inside the barn, bodies hang from rafter, their insides torn out. Szygy sneaks up and determines werewolves are waiting within. Saalus comes up to a crack in the barn and shouts a blistering invective inside. Several werewolves start on fire and the party attacks.

One of them, a female werewolf with black fur, drops outside into a flanking position but is killed. Another one with a battle axe and screaming in rage encourages his “brothers” to avenge the deaths of their kin before he too is killed. The others fight on doggedly but Knalhart is victorious.

Using her ability to speak with the dead, Ralga determines the werewolves hailed from Old Iobaria. It sounds as if there is no more to their pack.

The party returns to Callistro in time for the harvest. The story of the werewolves’ defeat races through town and lifts spirits. Also, the trade route with Restov proves particularly profitable that month.

After resting in town, the party returns to the wilderness in early Nesh, hoping to explore more of the Stolen Lands before the snow falls. They head in the direction of Khundakar, mapping as they go. As they explore the southeast region of the Narlmarches, they come across a wounded thylacine in a sinkhole. Aspen in the Fall calms it and heals it before it is lifted to safety.

Exploring the sinkhole, the party realizes it was caused by an underground tunnel that had collapsed. Finding one end of the tunnel, they explore deeper, eventually finding the ruins of an ancient Aztlani crypt. The party sets off a trap by using mage hand on a skeleton in the middle of a room wearing a magical copper ring. Several skeletons emerge from the gas and Ilya charges into their midst. Szygy forms the front rank of the party and they drop the undead guardians as the gas clears.

This reveals another skeletal warrior, this one glowing with shadowy blue flame. In a gravelly voice, he says he guards against the corrupting taint that infects the Stolen Lands, though he seems to consider Knallhart as part of that corruption. He attacks but is destroyed before he hits anyone with his powerfully enchanted blade.

Headingn south into the Narlmarches, the party comes across a dispute between a group of loggers led by a man named Corax and a nixie named Melianse. The loggers have removed some trees on the edge of the nixie’s pond and, in retaliation, the nixie charmed two of the loggers. Aspen is furious at the loggers’ callous treatment of nature but Knallhart promises to help them if they head to Callisto and continue their logging under permit. Melianse at first refuses to release the charmed loggers until her trees are restored. Astoroth promises to aid her, however, and she releases her victims based on his promises.

The loggers head to Callisto as the party goes west to speak to a druid who supposedly has tree feather tokens. There, the party notices they are watched by a satyr. Though he runs from the party, they are able to convince him they mean no harm. He says his name is Falchos and that he protects a dryad named Tiressia. He introduces the party to Tiressia who has obviously suffered some wounds from a recent battle.

She and Falchos explain there is an evil tree to the southeast that feasts on the flesh of dryads, also known as a scythe tree. The party heads that direction immediately. While passing through a clearing, an evil tree springs out attacking the horses first. The party surrounds it and Hyandaner eventually splits it apart with a mighty blow from Mortimer. Tiressia is overjoyed to hear the tree has been destroyed. She gives the feather tokens to the party who uses them to plant trees at Melianse’s pool. In turn, Melianse rewards them with a wand of grease and a ring of protection +1.

Having aided the fey, the party turns northwards. First, it follows the Skunk river into tazylwyrm territory. Aided by his magical lens, Aspen spots the taxylwryms waiting in ambush. Szygy sneaks around while the party prepares. At the chosen time, Knallhart attacks and, as usual, their foes fall before them. Though one tazylwyrm manages to grab Hyandaner while he is flying overhead, the party is otherwise unhurt. Looting the treasure gained by the tazylwyrms, the PCs find a map of the northern section of the Narlmarches.

Continuing their path north, Knallhart finds a large statue of Erastil. They clean the statue and Saalus writes a short prayer which Astoroth offers with sincerity. They party finds their slashing and piercing weapons gain the keen property. They make a note to move the statue to the Temple of the Elk found to the east.

Using the map, the party then explores a ruined keep. Aspen searches for tracks and finds evidence the area is inhabited by a boggard, a frog-like humanoid, and his pet slurk. The party approaches stealthily but the boggard notices their approach and calls for his slurk. The slurk fires goo at Aspen before it is mauled by Tony. Ilya jumps through a window of the ruined building and knocks the boggard unconscious.

The boggard seems to have a limited command of Common but Ralga uses her magic to impart full use of the common tongue. The boggard explains he was cast out of his tribe for trying to usurp leadership. The party informs him his slurk is dead, news which the boggard takes hard. Ilya kills the boggard to free him from his pain.

Moving again to the south, the party comes across an ancient elven structure before the Stone Tooth. The structure is circular with four outer towers and one inner tower. They catch a glimpse of a beautiful elven woman watching from the windows. They approach over a ruined wall to the south. As they do so, Aspen notices a creature watching from the southeast tower. Ilya kicks in the door of that tower to reveal a room with small furniture and scalps nailed to the wall. Astoroth casts glitterdust into the room which reveals a Small humanoid form. It bolts past the party, taking serious damage as it does so, before running up the stairs on the central tower with blinding speed.

The party follows it up to find the beautiful elven woman. She begins a captivating dance as the small fey creature jumps out the window, suspended by levitate. Another green skinned fey with poisonous claws and a pet assassin vine appears at the window. Several of the party members are enthralled by the dance, any attraction they feel for the woman weakening their mental resolve.

Ralga keeps her mind clear, however, and hacks into the fey woman with the ancient Azlanti blade. Astoroth dispatches the small, quick fey as it floats to the ground and then fires a bolt towards the window blindly, finishing the elven woman and her dance. The green-skinned fey is the next to die, but not before it poisons it Ralga. The vine survives a viscous attack from Hyandaner thanks to its immunity to electricity before it too is destroyed.

The party loots the keep and spends several nights there. While Ralga recovers from the poison with Aspens’s aid, the rest of the party explores the area around the Stone Tooth.

Once Ralga recovers, the party heads in the direction of Bokken’s evil brother, Ferral. En route, they are attacked by a large pack of worgs. The creatures grievously injure several sleeping party members before Knallhart proves victorious yet again. With snow on the horizon, the party decides to return to Callisto.


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