Until Thy Kingdom Come

Summoner's Log III

First, we found the kobolds pretty much destroyed, apparently by the trolls. Only their eggs remain. Aspen followed the trail southwest, but lost it in the snow. However, at the stag lord’s fort, we came across other footprints, and found an evil sacrifice within, belonging to some goddess ghonnerea or something. We followed their trail, which led to lumber camps and small towns, on the way back to our city.

We deduced that they were up to no good, both by the gruesome evidence they led behind, as well as gathering information from the places they visited. We finally caught up to them just a little outside Calliso, where they were dining with a farming family, completely unaware of the fate that was about to befall them.

Suddenly, most of the people in the room were dazzled by a burst of glittering dust, and adding to the confusion no sound could be heard from within the house. The evil priestess who apparently led this band of 6 other women dedicated to the dark cause must have been surprised. Within seconds, a monsterous creature had burst through the doorway, it’s scything claws reaching out at her while the monk ran in and started knocking heads, a gigantic bear appeared in a window and pulled a lady through… they tried to flee, but found the exits blocked by the bear, monk and magus. Capturing one, we used Ralga’s name in a ruse to learn more information, and then meted out our infinite justice. We took their heads, explained the situation to the farmers (having saved the family from a horrible fate, undoubtedly), and paraded the trophies through the areas the women had visited, trying to sew the seeds of discontent and rebellion.

I think our argument proved stronger.

We’d had to hook northwards to catch up to the ladies, so we started heading back down towards where we believed the trolls to be living. On the way, we passed through the location of the druid brother of Bokken. We were almost ambushed by four owlbears, but our perceptive party was able to see the trap, and we made short work of them.

Birds had begun to fly away, and we were suspicious. Following, we came to a clearing. Again, amazing awareness made us aware of a strange cloud floating far away in the sky, and Aspen warned of a creature sneaking up through the brush. The sparkling dust outlining the druid’s cat, Syzygy pounced and shredded the poor creature. Taking off with his magically-induced wings, he joined Hyandaner and Aspen, who’d transformed into an air elemental, countering the form of the druid who refused to come within 500 feet of us.

At extreme range, Saalus nailed the druid with an arrow, and Syzygy swooped down from above, the druid falling to the earth in a spray of gore. Then it rained magic items for a bit, mostly wands. Also, we got a treasure map.

Pleased with ourselves, we continued on toward the troll location. Along the way, we came across a group of gnomes, struggling to get their wagon out of a crack in the frozen river. Aspen eventually calmed their horses, and some rope-work by the monk ensured we were able to retrieve the wagon. There were several dead gnomes and a burnt troll corpse, I gave the wounded gnomes healing potions, and we learned a lot about the surrounding area from them.

Parting ways, we went to an old dwarven fort, where the trolls were said to lair, according to our new gnome friends. We hatched a bold plan, and with much foresight and skillful use of magic, we made it to the door of the fort without being noticed. Inside, we unleashed hell upon the trolls, felling 5 of the brutes and four of their foul dogs, knocking them unconscious and slowly burning them with acid and fire, except when Mortimer got flamey and smited them good.

We weren’t done; there’d been no sign of a troll reported to have two heads, who we thought might have been the leader. Exploring the caves underneath, we found we were wrong; two more trolls, the two-headed mutant troll, and a rock-skinned rock troll (yep) were in a chamber with a troll king, of all things! It had a huge glowing mace, and a necklace of fireballs, which it proceeded to hurl into the group as we came around a corner.

Luckily, Syzygy had already charged and, invisible, I made sure nobody snuck up on us behind, from a safe distance. The fireball hurt, bad, but undaunted we charged right in. Ilya was unscathed from the magical attack, and managed to disarm the leader, slipping the mace in his haversack. Syzygy and Tony raked and slashed the trolls and the two-headed troll to death, Hyandaner put several to sleep, most importantly the rock troll, and we once again ended up burning bodies of unconscious regenerating trolls.


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